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Honda Designs Electric Sports Car, Considers Gasoline Version

Before the Tokyo Motor Show, we talked a little bit about Honda’s electric sports car concept, which Honda is calling the “EV-STER.” Honda is indeed taking their idea to production, likely starting in 2012. Check out the gallery below for pictures of Honda’s design.

Quick and Electric (Mostly)

The electric version of the EV-STER has a 100-mile range with a top speed of 100mph, according to Honda. Note use of the phrase “electric version” – Honda CEO Takanobu Ito told Auto Motor und Sport that a classic gasoline-powered version of the car is also potentially viable.

Honda isn’t stopping there – they’re also expected to introduce an economical all-wheel drive compatible with electric motors at the Detroit Auto Show in January. A V6 combustion engine and a 30 kW electric motor combine to power the front axle, while the rear axle is driven by two separate 20 kW electric motors. The all-wheel system is installed in a Honda Accord while in development, but its premiere in Detroit is supposed to be in a new super sports car.
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