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China: Sinopoly Battery Research Centre takes the lead in battery technology innovation

(18 December 2011, Hong Kong) Sinopoly Battery Limited (“Sinopoly” or the “Group”, stock code 00729), a Lithium-ion battery manufacturer, is pleased to nnounce that today is the grand opening for the Sinopoly Research Institute the “Institute”) and the Jointed R&D Centre For Advanced Power Sources of inopoly Battery Limited and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. The pening ceremony was followed by forum on innovative battery echnology, in which a number of eputable battery experts were nvited to share their latest esearch results. Equipped with eading researchers, the Institute as a global perspective and is edicated to technology innovation, hich promotes the sustainable rowth of Sinopoly by creating new usiness with new idea.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Huang Zhen (the vice hancellor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Mr Ma Jing (the chief engineer of he Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission) and Professor Liu Yangang (the vice president of Shanghai Zizhu Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute). Moreover, scores of leading battery technology experts together with 180 guests throughout the country attended the forum to exchange their view. The leading experts attended the forum included Professor Wu Feng (the Chief Scientist of the National “973
Programme” and professor of Beijing Institute of Technology), Mr Huang Xuejie (researcher of the Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences), Mr Liu Xingjiang (Deputy Chief Engineer of the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No.18th Research Institute), Professor Chen Guohua (professor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Professor Xia Yongyao (winner of the National Outstanding Youth Funds and distinguished professor of Fudan University), Professor Xie Kai (professor of the College of Aerospace and Materials Engineering of National University of Defense Technology) and Professor Yang Yong (winner of the National Outstanding Youth Funds and distinguished professor of Xiamen University).

The Institute is located in the Shanghai Zizhu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (the “Zone”), one of the most advanced research and development zone in Asia. Currently, more than 400 internationally renowned enterprises were attracted to the Zone, including Intel, Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, Kao, Coca-Cola, Omron and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. In March 2011, the Zone was named “the Shanghai Brands Zone” by the Shanghai government. In addition, it was approved by the State Council in June 2011 to be upgraded to a national-level hi-tech industrial zone.

Professor Ma Zifeng (professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University), is leading the Institute as the President. He is the Chief Scientist of Basic Study to the Power Battery for Electric Vehicle of the National Basic Research Programme of the PRC (widely known as the “973 Programme”). Furthermore, the Institute successfully invited ten leading domestic battery experts to form an academic committee as the advisor for its development. They are, amongst others, Professor Wu Feng, Academician Yang Yusheng, Mr. Huang Xuejie, Professor Xie Kai and Professor Wang Rongshun.

The Institute’s R&D will focus on battery application product design, battery management system, enhancement in production techniques, development of raw material for battery and next generation battery. It will also provide technical support and service to the Group’s production base. It aims at meeting the multitudinous needs for energy in the society and creating a green environment for next generation. Moreover, the Institute is planning to establish an electric vehicle battery engineering research centre with the Shanghai government for improvement in the production technology of domestic Lithium battery sector.

In relation to the development in the key technical aspects and foundations on power battery, the Institute plans to strengthen its communication and cooperation with other battery research institutes in China and overseas. It will actively get involved in innovative researches for battery technologies. In addition, it will drive the standardization of battery materials and battery application products and help improve the intellectual property and technology standards systems.

Mr Miao Zhenguo, the Deputy Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of Sinopoly, said, “There is a strong global demand for Lithium battery. By setting up the Institute, it will attract leading scholars in the field to work closely with us. And we hope to cooperate with the Office for Promoting Alternate Energy Vehicle in Shanghai to jointly establish an electric vehicle battery engineering research centre in Shanghai. Our Institute will help promote the healthy growth of the industry, enhance the domestic Lithium battery technology level and production technique. Besides, it helps us to nurture talents in this field, whereby reinforcing our leadership in the market.”
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