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China: Kandi Technologies: Right Time, Right Place, Right Disruptive Technology, Right Now (Part 3)

Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou and Jinhua: Establishment of an EV Industry Pilot Model

In the previous parts of my article on China Based, Nasdaq-listed Kandi Technologies (KNDI):
I shared with you my macro-economic picture of the China EV market status and potential.
I gave you an insight of what has been achieved and is planned in relation to the build-out of the smart grid and the EV Charging Infrastructure.
I did an analysis of the State Grid Corporation of China’s EV Business Model with its preference for “Battery Swapping” and proven you that this model, first tested in Hangzhou, is here to stay and to be replicated in other provinces.
And I gave you a sneak preview which tells you that small compact electric vehicles make sense, also in the eyes of the authorities who now finalize future EV policy and subsidies.
In the final Part 4, I will attempt to consolidate the important points of the first three parts and also give financial estimates of what this all should mean for KNDI.
Given the fact that the SGCC has lifted the Hangzhou EV Project to the status of “SGCC National EV Business Model Pilot” and that Hangzhou, Jinhua and Zheijiang are Kandi Technologies’ home market, I now zoom in from the China map into Zhejiang Province.

3.1. Zhejiang Province:

The reason why the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Bay Rim were chosen by the Central Government to promote large-scale electric vehicle applications is the high level of their economic development and higher levels of consumption. The inter-city and inner-city EV Charging Networks, as well as the EV Service Companies, can reach economies of scale, enhancing consumers to buy electric vehicles. Meanwhile, EV Charging Network build-out coincides with the build-out of the Smart Grid, leading to higher efficiency at lower costs.

Zhejiang was recently applauded by the Chinese vice president for its entrepreneurial spirit.

From the table below you can see that Zhejiang ranks No. 2 on the list of China provinces for the item “exports per person.”


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