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China: Global automakers rev up new-energy cars in China

Although the Development Plan (2011-2020) for Energy-saving and New Energy Automotive Industry in China is still having a difficult time coming out, it by no means affects multi-national auto companies’ zeal in China’s new energy auto market. As Chinese people are heatedly debating about the technology roadmap, multinational car companies are quietly accelerating their efforts in making strategic plans in the Chinese auto market.

Why rushing to take the first step?

On November 8, Honda Motor launched an electric vehicle verifying test in Guangzhou. This is Honda’s first electric vehicle verifying test in China after it has conducted such tests in America and Japan.

Yao Yiming, executive vice president of Guangzhou Honda, told the reporter that with the launch of Honda’s electric vehicle test, Guangzhou Honda may be able to put electric vehicles into production in 2012.

On the same day, Volvo Cars and Shanghai International Automobile City signed a new energy automobiles strategic cooperation memorandum in Jiading, working jointly to develop and operate new energy vehicles. Volvo will provide its C30 electric car to participate in such projects as test-driving in the demonstration area, electric vehicle operation service, electric vehicle business model innovation, and electric vehicle demonstration and evaluation. In the launching ceremony, 2 Volvo C30 all-electric cars were delivered on site, and the rest of the first batch of 35 vehicles would be delivered subsequently.


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