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China: Can China’s Power Industry Raise Interest In Electric Cars?

China’s car market is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and the implications of that are huge for the car industry.

They’re huge for the environment too. With the sort of air quality that Los Angeles was experiencing back in the 1970s, cities like Beijing are keen to get people into zero-emissions vehicles.

The issue is getting potential buyers interested, says the New York Times.

Slow take-up

Three years ago, the Chinese government set a target for the country to produce half a million hybrid and electric vehicles per year by 2011. With production of only several thousand, they’ve failed spectacularly.

Buyers simply don’t seem keen. There are still doubts over the technology, range anxiety is a major problem, and China’s industry has lagged behind some others – leading to scenarios like the tug-of-war over electric car secrets between China and GM.

The odds are against imported electric cars too. Unless cars are built within China, they don’t benefit from the same, large subsidies levvied at domestic cars. That’s why a Chevy Volt will cost Chinese buyers over $75,000, more than $36,000 more than you’d pay pre-incentive in the U.S.



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