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Canada: Nissan simplifies LEAF purchase in Canada

Buyers can now pick up pure electric car without online pre-registration
By Staff Writer on December 15, 2011 3:03 PM

Before this week, if our Canadian friends wanted to buy a Nissan LEAF they had to pre-register for one online via But now, ordinary members of the public can pop into any one of the 27 Canadian LEAF dealers and order up a car in the real, non-digital world. Just one proviso – they’ll have to live within 40 miles of the dealership.

We wonder whether that’s because a Nissan LEAF could make that short trip home pretty easily on a full charge.

Anyway, the LEAF has been doing pretty well in Canada, with the first 40 2011 model year cars selling out literally within minutes this past summer. Apparently, that trend continued when the next batch of 350 2012 model year LEAFs were made available this fall. The Canadian price before Government grants is $38,395 CDN with rebates between $8,000 CDN (Quebec) and $8,500 CDN (Ontario)


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