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Achieve zero-emission driving with solar

Whether you have an electric vehicle or are planning to own one, you’ve probably thought about going solar. Powering your home and car with clean, solar energy is the best way to achieve zero emission driving and energy independence. That’s why Plug in America has partnered with Sungevity to offer our supporters a great way to join the Rooftop Revolution.
There has never been a better time to go solar. Thanks to a special deal between Plug in America and Sungevity, when you sign up for a $0 down solar lease before the end of the year Sungevity will give you a $1,000 cash gift card and will give another $1,000 to support Plug In America.

Sungevity’s offers a $0 down solar lease with free installation and maintenance, guaranteed output, and low monthly lease payments.

“I nource eeded enough power for my house and my electric car, and Sungevity helped me get that. Now my entire house is covered, my car is covered and I pay nothing for electricity every month.” –Annie L

Request a free solar iQuote at to learn more about solar for your home and vehicle. Sungevity’s knowledgeable solar consultants will work with you to find the right solar package for your current and future electricity needs.

At Plug In America we don’t just believe in driving electric cars but driving them the right way. And the right way to drive them starts with the right way to charge them—we can’t think of a better way to charge an electric car than with sunshine.
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