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USA: The First American-Built Consumer Electric Vehicle under $50,000

LAS VEGAS–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–Niyato Industries Inc. announces that it will be the first American automobile company to convert new 5-passenger gasoline sedans for the American people to an all-electric powered vehicle for under $50,000.

“We at Niyato Industries Inc. are all Americans and we have created Niyato Industries to put Americans to work.”
Niyato will be marketing a converted electric vehicle instead of spending billions to manufacture one from scratch. By converting vehicles instead of fabricating them, Niyato will help the consumer save up to $50,000 in costs. There are already great automobile manufacturing companies that have spent billions on stable platforms for new cars; however, Niyato will save money by being the first electric-car manufacturer to offer conversions of already existing, already popular models under the Clean Air Act.

Niyatowill be supporting American workers and American jobs with its conversion factories in the United States—not outsourced. Niyatodoes not believe that the American people need another $100,000 electric car—what the American people need is a new industry and that is exactly what Niyato is going to create. “We at Niyato Industries Inc. are all Americans and we have created Niyato Industries to put Americans to work.”

Everyone is interested in reducing carbon emissions; Niyato will be the only car company that will do it at an affordable price. One of the main tenets of the company is to alleviate our dependency on foreign oil and to give the American consumer an affordable alternative to more expensive all-electric vehicles being produced by the competition.

Niyato’s business model is very simple: convert an already existing, time tested new gasoline automobile to an all-electric vehicle for a more sustainable economic model. Niyato will be selling all-electric vehicles to the US government to help fulfill its quota of fleet conversions to alternative fuels by 2015. Niyato will also be converting cars for rental and fleet operators and to the consumers interested in reducing their carbon footprint and saving money.

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Niyato Industries is a Cleantech company.


Niyato Industries Inc.
Jim Gaiser, 704-791-7303


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