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USA: Germantown may get electric-vehicle charging stations

Germantown aldermen will be voting Monday night to install six electric-vehicle charging stations at Municipal Square by next month.

If the agreement passes muster with the five aldermen, residents can drive their Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicles and charge them at one of the six stations while they are working out in the city’s Athletic Club or visiting the library.

The Peabody hotel in Downtown Memphis opened the first of four charging stations in July as a part of the same state grant that will be installing the ones in Germantown.

The stations at The Peabody are a part of the hotel’s valet parking cost which are $18 for the day or $26 for overnight.

Under the agreement, ECOtality will install the Germantown stations in December, with two each at City Hall, the library and the Athletic Club/Germantown Performing Arts Centre area which shares parking. More than 70 are planned throughout Shelby County.

Last month, Vanderbilt University announced plans for 10 solar-assisted charging stations that will cost users $1 per half-hour.

Germantown users will not be charged a fee. “It’s all about collecting information about people’s driving habits and to see how efficient those vehicles are,” Germantown City Admin. Patrick Lawton said. “It’s not set up to take a debit or credit card at this time. We’ll provide the electricity to them.”


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