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USA: U.S. military says clean energy, dealing with climate change is a matter of national security

When you’ve seen your soldiers die protecting a fuel convoy, you know that the need for clean energy and efficiency is real, urgent, and transcends political squabbling.

Last week four high-ranking officials from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines spoke out in support of a clean energy future for America. They published an op-ed in the Tampa Tribune, a paper based in the Sunshine State and located in the home of U.S. Central Command.

Brig. Gen. Steven Anderson, Lt. Gen. John Castellaw, Vice Adm. Dennis McGinn, and Lt. Gen. Norman Seip have a collective century of experience in defending America’s national security. And they all see our dependence on oil as a growing threat to that security.

The military services know they must embrace clean energy — not because it is cutting-edge or politically correct but because it makes sense for our troops and our country’s security.

“The military knows climate change is happening and that our current energy posture is a growing threat to national security,” write the generals and Admiral McGinn. “Clean energy is a solution we must pursue.”

Climate change deniers like to doubt scientists. Will they also ignore the logic of military men who have risked their lives for this country?

Together, these defense experts are calling on Congress to push for more energy efficiency and to enact policies that will help break America’s oil addiction. They see an intrinsic link between clean energy and America’s national security.


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