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USA: Plugless Power™ featured in October SAE Magazine

Plugless Power™ featured in October SAE Magazine

Catch the October edition of Automotive Engineering International for an overview on wireless EV charging and some hints at Evatran’s future plans

We are thrilled to send out this email notifying our subscribers that Plugless Power has been featured as a key leading technology in the race to wirelessly charge electric vehicles. Mentioned as one of three industry leading technologies, Plugless Power is featured predominately as a technology of interest.

Click here to read the article on pages 22-29 of the magazine or see a few article highlights below.

Article Highlights

Evatran is looking “to show that the inconvenience of the plug-in, unplug process does not have to be an impediment to widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption.”

“The technology transfers up to 3.3kW of power, the level required by most electric vehicle models, at efficiencies above 90%, ensuring that vehicles recharge as quickly as with traditional plug-in methods.”

“The biggest technical challenge for Evatran, and the industry as a whole, is making the correct call on trade-offs. For Evatran specifically, as we are focusing solely on the automotive application, it is extremely important to limit the weight and volume of on-board components to allow for an easy integration for automotive manufacturers.”

Make sure to look for comments on Evatran’s Field Trial Program launching in the coming months with a six different commercial Launch Partners.

The Evatran Team


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