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USA: Kiss An Electric Car: Highlights From National Plug In Day

by Nino Marchetti, October 19th, 2011
By Gina Caplon-Newfield & Sarina Sawyer, Sierra Club
This past weekend, National Plug in Day was celebrated in 28 cities across the country. There were hundreds of electric vehicles on display, and thousands of people learned how a switch to EVs will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and help break the U.S.’s costly dependence on oil. The Sierra Club was pleased to organize these events in partnership with Plug In America, Electric Auto Association, and many local partner groups.

In Los Angeles, at least 170 plug-in electric vehicles participated in the largest (and quietest) EV parade in history. Congresswoman Janice Hahn of California proudly drove her brand new Nissan Leaf in the parade and spoke at the press conference, as did Sierra Club member Tim Goodrich, an Air Force veteran who drives a Nissan Leaf. Plug In America, Electric Auto Association, and the Sierra Club were recognized with a Certificate of Achievement from California state Senator Fran Pavley (a hero in the vehicle emissions reduction world). The director of the films Who Killed the Electric Car? and the soon to be released Revenge of the Electric Car Chris Paine and actor Ed Bedgley Jr. spoke on the importance of quitting our addiction to oil by switching to electric vehicles and renewable energy.

The Austin EV Club, Apollo Alliance, and the Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter displayed a wide array of electric vehicles and EV infrastructure. The 200-plus attendees in Austin were able to explore 22 vehicles, two charging stations from Coulomb and GRIDbot and one Actacell lithium ion battery cell. They were also given the opportunity to chat with a Ford Motors sustainability expert and test-drive their two 2012 plug-in models on site: the Focus Electric and the Transit Connect Electric.


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