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USA: Toyota Plug-in Hybrid vs. Chevrolet Volt: And the Winner Is…

The Toyota Plug-in Hyrbrid Prius just announced by the company will be the first alternative to pure gasoline combustion automotive engines that provides the best of plug-in and hybrid combined in one.

Sure, the Chevrolet Volt is more plug-in than hybrid, and Nissan’s Leaf is all plug-in, with zero emissions, but the new Prius will offer the best combination of both technologies — and it will cost some $8,000 less than the Volt.

The newest version of the Prius, announced late last week from Toyota, will get more fuel efficiency, and longer electric range, while selling at a lower price that competitive pure electric or range-extender vehicles including the Volt and the Leaf. In hybrid mode, the car is estimated to get 49 miles per gallon — near the same as current Prius models.

Thus, the biggest difference is the extended electric range allowed via plug-in.


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