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USA: GREEN DEALS: An EV with a PV to go

US car giant Ford is looking to sign a deal to sell solar PV panels to go with its Ford Focus electric vehicle, when the new car goes on sale later this year. According to media reports in the US, Ford is going to team up with SunPower to offer EV owners the opportunity to recharge the batteries using solar power. A SunPower executive told USA Today that an 11-panel system producing about 3,000 kilowatt hours could offset around 1,600km of driving in the EV.

SunPower CEO told the paper that prospective EV customers have said they want to “break the link” with fossil-fuel driven grid electriity. However, the panels will cost $US10,000 on top of the as yet unannounced price of the electric Focus, which will be told out in California and New York initially, before being rolled out to other key markets in the spring next year, according to BusinessGreen. Meanwhile, BusinessGreen also reports that Audi has released an electric concept car, a quadricycle design similar to a Renault Twizy. It has staggered seats for two people and uses a lithium-ion battery to power two e-tron electric motors.



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