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USA: Ford and SunPower Team Up for Solar-Powered Electric Car Charging

Ford’s Mike Tinskey and SunPower CEO Tom Warner shake hands on partnership, in front of a Ford Focus Electric. (Photo: Bradley Berman.)

Ford Motor Co. and SunPower, a leading manufacturer of solar panels, yesterday announced a partnership to offer a home solar energy package to new electric car buyers. As part of the car purchase process, Ford dealers will refer customers to SunPower, which is offering a 2.5 kW home solar system for a discounted price of about $10,000.

Similarly, in January, Ford announced that its dealers will refer customers to Best Buy for the purchase and installation of competitively priced home chargers.

The Ford-SunPower announcement is the latest example of a convergence between electric vehicles and home power generation via photovoltaic systems. The alignment between EV and PV allows electric car owners to avoid the use of any fossil fuels to recharge and power electric cars. In late July, we reported that SolarCity, a solar company, and ClipperCreek, a maker of electric car chargers, will offer a bundled solution to allow electric car owners the ability to install a solar system and EV charger at the same time.


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