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USA: Drive on the Cheap, and Print Money While You’re Parked

by David Fessler, Investment U Senior Analyst
Wednesday, August 17, 2011
How?” you ask? Simple: with the coming generation of battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Now before you prepare your “don’t tell me how to run my life” barbs, let me go on record: I could care less whether or not you buy a BEV.

I’m also not interested in your views about global warming, politics, or whether or not you believe Elvis is dead.

This is about simple economics, and about making money. This is something every investor – at least those who are ultimately successful – understands…

Battery Electric Vehicle Pros and Cons

We’ll get to the moneymaking part in just a moment. Let’s start with a few BEV pros and cons.

First the pros:
•Say goodbye to the gas station: BEVs don’t require any gasoline at all.
•Using a BEV reduces America’s dependence on foreign oil.
•Foreign oil aside, BEVs cost the equivalent of about $1.20 a gallon to operate.
•Depending on where you live, you’re not contributing to global warming (if this is even something you care about).
•They’re quiet and non-polluting.
•BEVs require much less maintenance than their fossil fuel-burning counterparts.


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