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USA: Aptera Depositors Update

Thank you for making a deposit toward the purchase of an Aptera 2e or 2h. We sincerely appreciate your continued support for our company and your passion for our revolutionary vehicles. We share your desire to bring Aptera’s vehicles to market as quickly as possible, but as you know, our path to production has been longer than anticipated, which has complicated our reservation administration to the point that we have decided to return your deposit.

The reason for our decision is that the credit card processing system is designed for transactions to be completed in a six-month window. Since most of Aptera’s deposits have been in reserve for more than six months, maintenance of the account has become problematic for our credit card processor and administratively cumbersome for Aptera. After reviewing potential solutions with the credit card processor, we have collectively concluded that the best course of action (for the credit card processor, Aptera and our customers) is to simply refund all deposits.

Importantly, reservation holder contact information will be moved to our newly created VIP database and used to provide you with exclusive information about future happenings at Aptera. As our production date approaches, we will use the database to direct you to your local retailer so you can be among the first to own an Aptera vehicle.

To expedite refund processing, please email your current mailing address to:

We are taking every precaution to ensure that your money and personal information are protected throughout this process. To assist us in safeguarding your information, please include one of the following information elements in your address update email:
1.Reservation Number and Type (2e or 2h)
2.Transaction ID or transaction number. (This is included on your original reservation confirmation sent by Aptera and is also included in your bank’s record of this transaction)
3.Mailing address at the time of your reservation

After we’ve received your updated information, we will begin the process for returning deposits as quickly as possible. Whenever possible, refunds will be made to the credit card you originally supplied. Otherwise, refunds will be handled by check. You will receive a separate confirmation letter when your refund has been processed.

We appreciate your longstanding support of Aptera. As we get closer to producing the world’s most energy efficient vehicles, we know that you will be right there with us helping to drive the future of efficient transportation in America and the world.

Team Aptera


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