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Europe: Plug-in Hybrid bus under development at Volvo

Volvo has sold more than 250 hybrid buses. The company is now developing a chargeable electric motor and a battery along with the internal combustion engine that can reduce emissions up to 35%. Read on to know more about Volvo’s future hybrid buses

The new hybrid under development is the same as the hybrid bus on sale now which uses a diesel engine along with the electric motor, the electric motor is powered by brake energy recuperation. Now, there is a new type of battery along with charging equipment. The idea behind the new hybrid is that there will be charging stations in bus stops where the on-board battery can be charged for five to ten minutes during which time the battery will acquire enough electricity to drive for about ten kilometres purely on the battery. The new system will allow the bus to drive through low pollution zones or environmentally sensitive areas.

Hakan Karlsson, CEO Volvo Buses, said, “Reducing the total global energy consumption is the most important measure today and in the future. We expect to be able to reduce the energy consumption in a city bus by up to 65% compared with today’s diesel buses. Plug-in hybrid bus will be able to reduce diesel consumption and thus carbon-dioxide emissions by more than 75%.”



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