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Europe: BMW leads luxury charge to electric

HESE days there seems to be an “i” in everything.

Starting with the iPod, the little lower-case prefix has become a byword (or by-letter?) for high technology and there’s seems to be no end to the trend. It’s become an i-fad. BMW started down this road a decade ago with iDrive, the name for the control system in its cars. Now it has signed up the vowel for something altogether bigger: a sub-brand that focuses on electric power that will parallel its M badged high-performance division, only with a low-emissions focus. Where M stands for extreme dynamics, i stands for extreme efficiency.

BMW set out its i stall in Germany last week. The first car will be the i3, a four-seat city runabout that will roll out of its Leipzig factory towards the end of 2013. The second, the i8, is a 2+2 supercar that will follow a year later. Eventually, i will embrace an entire range of eco-friendly cars.

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They will have in common a variety of alternative driveline technologies, from battery power to plug-in hybrid and possibly beyond. They will be built from carbon fibre and have a futuristic design language of their own.

“The sustainable mobility solutions from BMW i mark the dawn of a new era in personal mobility for the automotive industry,” board member Ian Robertson says.

Work began four years ago when BMW assembled a special team of engineers and designers to develop a zero-emission vehicle and the freedom to question anything. That work set the template for the i3 and the broad outlines for all subsequent i cars.


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