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China: BYD: build your green dream

By Chang Yanjun

In BYD’s electric vehicle battery project department, over 500 researchers are working tensely. The crucial project is how to design a lighter power battery, the core part of an electric vehicle with optimum performance. For BYD, an enterprise starting in battery and IT fields and then entering the automobile industry, it is its original intention when entering the automobile industry as well as the objective of enterprise development to develop electric vehicle. Now when speaking of electric vehicle, many will think of BYD naturally.

Committing itself to the development of core technologies

Battery is always a core part for the whole electric vehicle development. Relying on its powerful technological accumulation in the battery field, BYD developed the iron power battery with high safety, high discharging capability and high capacity. The battery can be recharged up to 2000 times with a service life over 600 thousand kilometers. It is another technological innovation in the new energy field.

“Before entering the automobile industry, BYD determined the technological direction to develop pure electric vehicle”, says Wang Jianjun, vice general manager of BYD Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. In this connection, BYD set up a special electric vehicle research unit and put in a great deal of manpower, equipments and capital for the development of electric vehicle technologies. “BYD owns 200 patents in the electric vehicle field and about 300 patents in DM (dual-mode) field.” Presently, BYD has invested over RMB 2 billion Yuan in the electric vehicle project.

With the support of iron power battery technology, BYD launched the dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM in December, 2008, which is the first electric vehicle independent of special charging station in the world. Presently, there are three charging methods of quick, middle and slow for the self-developed E6 pure electric vehicle and 80 percent battery capacity will be charged in 15 minutes if choosing quick method; the battery range under multiple conditions is 300 kilometers.



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