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Canada: Canada Committing to Electric Vehicle Industry

By Dave Brown —Exclusive to Lithium Investing News

Canada is demonstrating a commitment to the lithium industry by creating the framework for programs that support electric vehicle initiatives with further support for the potential of recycling of lithium ion batteries. Earlier this month the Canadian Federal government launched an ecoENERGY Innovation Initiative which will invest $97 million in research, development and demonstration projects for clean energy technologies. The initiative is primarily to advance energy technologies that use energy in a more efficient way by focusing on research, development and demonstration in five vital areas: research and development of electric vehicles; energy efficiency in transportation, buildings, communities and industry; clean electricity and renewables; bioenergy; and unconventional oil and gas.

Federal and provincial program initiatives

At the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre facility, Electrovaya Inc.(TSE:EFL) is expected to work with the University of Manitoba to develop and apply a utility sized stationary battery system using lapsed Electric Vehicle battery packs. The repurposed batteries could be used to store electricity generated by renewable energy systems, such as wind and solar power. The majority of the funding for this project comes from the Federal Government’s Clean Energy Fund and Manitoba Hydro.


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