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USA: Nissan Leaf far outselling Chevrolet Volt

Nissan has sold 4,134 of its Leaf battery-powered electric cars this year. Chevrolet has sold 2,745 of the Volt, which is technically a plug-in hybrid.

Nissan employees assemble a Leaf electric car at the Oppama plant outside Tokyo this month. Nissan plans to ramp up production of the battery-powered vehicle. (Yoshikazu Tsuno, AFP/Getty Images / July 15, 2011)

Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles Times

July 16, 2011
When it comes to sales of electric vehicles, Nissan’s Leaf is charging ahead.

Nissan Motor Co. has sold 4,134 of the battery-powered electric cars this year. General Motors Co.’s Chevrolet, by comparison, has sold 2,745 of its Volt car, which is technically a plug-in hybrid because it runs on electricity for about 40 miles before a gasoline-fueled generator kicks in to extend the vehicle’s range.

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Fans of the pure electric vehicles, rather than plug-in hybrid models such as the Volt, should be pleased, said Mike Omotoso, an auto industry analyst at J.D. Power & Associates.

“The Leaf outselling the Volt helps the EV movement. The more Nissan sells, the more Leafs people will see on the road, and that might encourage others to take the plunge and buy an electric vehicle,” he said.


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