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USA: Knoxville finalizes electric car charging locations

A plan to help Knoxville drivers go green with electric cars is charging ahead. The city has finalized a dozen locations for proposed electric charging stations.

Each site will house a couple of charging docks and serve as test beds for research for the EV Project being carried out by San Francisco company ECOtality. The project is funded in large part by federal grants.

Knoxville will not have to pay for the charging stations or their installation under the proposal. The EV Project will allow for free charging at the stations through the end of its contract in May 2013. The data it collects could steer the future of electric vehicles.

“This research is to see how people use these stations,” said Jake Tisinger, Knoxville’s coordinator of sustainability. “We want to see the times they’re charging, how many people are using the various locations, and ultimately help figure out the best way to set up compensation for electricity in the future.”

Tisinger said the city has finalized its desired locations, focusing on parking garages and public parks. The following sites will have feature two charging docks:
1.Lakeshore Park
2.Tyson Park
3.West Hills Park
4.Victor Ashe Park
5.Caswell Park
6.Fort Kid / Knoxville Museum of Art
7.Dwight Kessell Garage
8.Volunteer Landing
9.Sequoyah Park
10.State Street Garage
11.Ijams Nature Center
12.Old City on Jackson Avenue



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