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Game Changer: The 600-Mile Electric Car

It didn’t take more than ten seconds for the beads of sweat to start rolling off my forehead.

It was last Thursday, and with the heat index, a crushing 114 degrees of sticky Baltimore soup blanketed the city.

Had I not scheduled a lunch with a former engineering professor that day, I doubt I would’ve left the climate-controlled comfort of my home office. But this was not a meeting I had any intention of missing…

You see, as someone who has helped thousands of investors make a ton of dough in alternative energy, I know that the best intel does not come from sitting behind a row of computers all day.

The truth is, every single big score I’ve ever pulled off for my readers has always come after I’ve uncovered some new development by interviewing the guys behind the scenes. I’m talking about chemists, engineers, even physicists — not Wall Street mouthpieces.

When I want to know about new solar technologies, I’m not interested in what the investor relations reps have to say; I want access to the labs and the universities. That’s where the good stuff is.

So when my former engineering professor told me he was going to be in Baltimore last week to consult on a new electric propulsion project for some German investors, I immediately invited him to lunch.

You see, over the past decade or so, every time I met with this guy, he clued me in on some exciting new technology. And because he’s a huge energy geek, it almost always had something to do with new energy technologies.

He was the one who first told me about thin film solar — about three years before thin-film leader First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR) went public. It was his insight that led me to tell readers about this company after it debuted in 2006 at $24.50…

Two years later, the stock catapulted to $311 a share.

He was also the one who first told me about the connection between microturbines and natural gas development; following our conversation in 2007, I told readers about a little $1.00 microturbine play called Capstone Turbine (NASDAQ: CPST)…

That stock flew past $4.00 a share in the summer of 2008.

The point is when this guy talks, I listen. And last week, I got an earful about the future of electric cars… and some of the technologies that’ll be leading the way.


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