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Europe: Electromobility project promotes electric car launch

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The EU-funded Green eMotion project is working on ways to integrate electromobility into electrical networks and contribute to the improvement and development of new and existing standards for electromobility interfaces that will pave the way for electric vehicles throughout Europe.

The acceptance of electromobility indeed requires international harmonisation and depends on the ability to recharge batteries safely, anytime and anywhere. It also depends on an interface that make recharging as easy as pumping fuel, e. g. with rapid DC charging technologies, inductive and battery swapping infrastructures. Last but not least, it requires a telecommunications infrastructure that enables billing and recharging anywhere in Europe.

Launched in March 2011, the four-year project has a total budget of Rs.270.97 crore (42 million euros) and gathers a consortium of 42 partners from industrial companies and automobile manufacturers, as well as technology and research institutions and universities.

Four of the partners based in Ireland—ESB, Trinity College Dublin, Codema, and Cork City Council—have received Rs.9.68 crore (1.5 million euros) in funding to conduct research and studies into national electric car use and the different technologies that can be deployed to maximise sustainable transport methods


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