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Electric Vehicles Bring Us Closer to Freedom From Oil

Chevy Volt at an EV charging station in Washington, DC. Photo credit: Heather Moyer, Sierra Club.

Imagine greater security for our service members abroad. Imagine freedom from the rising prices of the gas pump. Imagine freedom from massive oil spills like the one last year in the Gulf of Mexico or the one last week in Yellowstone National Park. Imagine freedom from auto tailpipe emissions. Imagine greater economic freedom through reduced national debt and thousands of new clean tech jobs. Imagine freedom from oil altogether.

This week, an unlikely group of more than 180 companies and organizations—large and small—from nearly every U.S. state joined together to issue a statement asking for comprehensive local, state, and federal programs that will promote plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) and drive us toward freedom from oil (PDF). This statement makes it clear more than ever before that there is widespread support for EVs in every part of the country and from a diverse set of economic, security, job growth, environmental, and public health interests.

Look at what our oil dependence is subjecting Americans to: The U.S. armed forces spend up to $83 billion annually protecting vulnerable infrastructure and patrolling oil transit routes. Earlier this year US Navy Secretary Roy Mabus said that “out of every 24 fuel convoys we use [in Afghanistan], a soldier or marine is killed or wounded guarding that convoy. That’s a high price to pay for fuel.”



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