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USA: UC Davis and BMW Announce Results of Mini E Driver Study

Over the past few years, a group of consumers have been testing the usability of a battery-electric MIni Cooper, the Mini E. But at the same time, researchers were testing them. Yes, the University of California, Davis has a Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Research Center and students and faculty there have been interviewing drivers along the way and at the end of the Mini E test period.

Among the interesting notes were that many buyers enjoyed the Mini’s fun-to-drive aspects as well as the powertrain’s quick acceleration and quiet operation. The dreaded “range anxiety” wasn’t found to be much of an issue with Mini E drivers, most of whom quickly adapted driving to the Mini’s range of about 100 miles. We’re disappointed the study doesn’t mention what percentage of the participants had another car to use for longer trips. Here’s a bullet-point list of some other results:


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