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USA: Study Finds Car Buyers More Interested In Gas Savings Than Green

While it may be a blow to those seeking to flood the highways with hybrid and electric vehicles, the view from the street is that fuel-cost savings is more of an inducement to buy than how green a car is. At least, that’s the conclusion drawn by the inaugural U.S. Green Automotive Study by J.D. Power and Associates.

Actually, the findings aren’t all that surprising. Despite the fact that most Americans want to drive cars that are friendlier to the environment, we want and need wheels that we can afford to drive – and that means cars that get better fuel economy. If they happen to do the trick emissions-wise, but don’t cost an arm and a leg more, then, we might be interested.

The study looked at some 4,000-plus consumers in the market for a new vehicle within the next one to five years. What they found is that fuel-cost savings trump any environmental concerns when it comes time to plunk down cash for a new vehicle. Right now, the higher cost of hybrids and electric cars stands as a barrier to many of these new-car intenders.


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