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USA/Europe: Tesla Roadster Wins 5th Straight Monte Carlo Rally

For the fifth time the Tesla Roadster has won the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally, crushing Top Gears claims about its electric batteries, supposed, short range.

The Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally includes some of the same roads as the original Monte Carlo Rally and involves a 1,230 meter pass that puts electric cars and other alternative fuel vehicles to the test. The Tesla Roadster has an average range of 212 miles but the Roadster managed to put out another 68 miles to dominate the race.

The range of the Tesla Roadster has been a point of contention in the past months. The popular British automobile show Top Gear took some liberties in their review of the Roadster and made it look as if the car had run out of juice after a mere 55 miles. Since the airing of the show Top Gear has admitted that the car did not actually run out of battery after 55 miles—but that has not stopped the California based car company from suing the British Broadcasting Company. Tesla is suing for liable and malicious falsehood and after the Roadsters performance at the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally the odds are likely in Tesla’s favor.


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