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USA: Paving the way for EVs: 4 regions, 4 case studies

With plug-in- hybrid and electric vehicles on the way, reducing the time it takes for the permitting and installation process for home-based electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is on the radar for many local governments. The DOE’s Alternative and Advanced Vehicles team has developed case studies on what’s happening in four leading regions of the country. We’ve highlighted them below, with links to the full reports.

Oregon – State lawmakers have encouraged EV adoption with a number of initiatives including participation in ECOtality’s stimulus-funded EV Project, partnerships among state agencies, local governments, utilities and private organizations, as well as incentives for purchasing plug-in vehicles, EVSE and for manufacturing related equipment. A statewide process is in place that speeds simple EVSE installations by allowing licensed electricians to buy permitting “labels” online. And only one out of 10 of an electrician’s EVSE installations has to be inspected, which further speeds the process. Learn more about Oregon’s EV deployment plans.

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LA freeway – bring on the EVs.
Los Angeles – With one of the nation’s largest per-capita car ownership rates, LA is committed to EV adoption and is looking at incentives such as access to HOV lanes and free parking. LA is participating in the EV Project as well as Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint America effort. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) – the municipal utility – is leading the city’s plug-in vehicle initiatives. It is using its existing online express permit system for home-charging installations, which means EVSE customers get the permit instantaneously and inspection occurs within 24 hours. Read more about EV planning in Los Angeles.


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