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USA: Leviton’s Portable Electric Car Charging Stations Are a Big Deal, Here’s Why

The Leviton Evr-Green series of home charging units is designed to be unplugged from the wall, making them the first portable units on the market. Left: Evr-Green 320 32 amp charging station. Right: Evr=Green 160 16 amp charging station.

The lack of public charging stations for electric cars is often cited by EV foes and skeptics alike as one of the major reasons they aren’t practical for daily driving.

But imagine if you could pop your personal charging station into the trunk of your Nissan LEAF at the beginning of every day, drive to whatever destinations you needed to go that day, and add 15 miles of driving range every time you stopped for an hour without depending on there being an existing charging station? Having that capability would certainly add some security to your EV lifestyle.

Now that Leviton’s new Evr-Green line of charging stations has been UL-listed, that concept is not a dream—all it takes is a standard 240 volt outlet installed at each location you want to charge.
To be Sure, Public Charging Isn’t a Requirement for Sales Success

Before we get too far into this let’s make it clear that the naysayers who think EVs will fail because of a lack of public charging are assuming electric cars have to work for every need of every individual to be successful. The fact of the matter is that a very large portion of the U.S. population could switch out one of the cars in their garage for an electric car, charge it up at night from their home charging station in the garage, drive it every day with the exception of using their gas car for the long trips, and never know the difference except in the vast savings on “fuel” costs.

If that kind of arrangement doesn’t work for you then an electric car may not fit your lifestyle—and that’s okay. If you’re a farmer and need a work truck you’re not going to buy a Camaro—but a lot of Camaros and F-250s are still sold. While having a robust public charging infrastructure will certainly bring an electric car more utility in terms of being able to drive longer distances, it’s not required for them to be sales successes.
Almost 20,000 Public Charge Stations Will be Installed in 2011 and 2012


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