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Europe/USA: European EV Charger Maker Opens U.S. Branch

When competition in a new market starts increasing, it’s usually a sign that things are looking up. When some of that competition takes the risk of traveling across the Atlantic to set up shop, it’s a sign that someone sees a growth market with loads of money making opportunity.

DBTlogo.jpgThat’s the case with French EV infrastructure company DBT, which has opened a U.S. arm in Chicago and says it plans to begin a manufacturing operation in the U.S. later this year.

The 21-year-old company claims to be Europe’s largest EV charging station manufacturer, with more than 6,000 units already installed in 20 countries.

It makes, sells and installs plug-in vehicle charging equipment ranging from 110-volt Level 1 charging cords to commercially sized Level 3 rapid chargers and in the U.S. will be entering a market already served by more than half a dozen domestic companies including networked charging station pioneer Coulomb Technologies and electronics giants GE and Leviton.

It is a market that “is entering an exciting period of growth,” DBT President Herve Borgoltz said.

“No one in the U.S. has a significant amount of experience designing installing and delivering EV charging infrastructure,” added Jake Edie, vice president of DBT USA. “We think a company with 21 years of experience has a big advantage.”

In addition to standard grid-connected charging stations, DBT sees a future in sustainable energy and off-the grid-systems and, said Edie, has signed agreements with two Chicago-based companies, AllCell Technologies and SunPhocus technologies, to provide solar-powered on- and off-grid charging systems.


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