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Europe: Renault Twizy Priced at Under $10,000, But EV Not Coming to U.S.

Renault has priced its Twizy two-seater battery-electric vehicle starting at 6,900 euros ($9,622 at current exchange rates) when it goes on sale in Europe this year, but like Renault’s other BEVs it will not be coming to the U.S.

Like the French automaker’s Zoe compact, which debuts next year, that price doesn’t include the battery for the electric drivetrain. Twizy owners will be able to lease a battery for 45 Euros ($63) a month, with an annual cap of about 4,700 miles.

The car is part of Renault’s plans with partner company Nissan to develop a broader range of electric-drive and smaller-engine cars to meet progressively more stringent greenhouse-gas emissions requirements in both Europe and the U.S. Along with the Twizy, Renault will debut the Fluence, Kangoo and Zoe electric vehicles in Europe by the end of next year.

Renault reconfirmed earlier this week that the Zoe will have a swappable battery pack so that the cars’ owners will be able to take advantage of battery-exchange stations such as the ones battery-infrastructure developer Better Place is building in Israel and Denmark.


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