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Austin, Texas proposes unlimited plug-in vehicle charging for just $50/year

Austin City Council members this week will consider charging Austin electric car drivers $50 a year to boot up their batteries from any Austin Energy plug-in.

The proposed rate would apply to Austin Energy’s “Plug-in Everywhere” program — a network of public charging stations for electric vehicles. The city would offer a $25 six-month subscription for unlimited service, including sales tax. Without the subscription, it would cost about $2 per hour of charging.

Austin Energy is installing more than 100 public charging stations throughout the city by the end of this summer. The Coulomb Technologies Inc. stations are being paid for in part through federal stimulus grants. Each pump costs about $700 to install.

If city council approve the rates, Austin Energy would begin offering the cards in March. Users would swipe a subscriber card or credit card to pay at the pump.

“Research shows that customers simply won’t buy electric vehicles until they are confident that they fit their lifestyle,” said Karl R. Rábago, Austin Energy Vice President for Distributed Energy Services. “So this federally funded initiative is a great way to jump start the electric vehicle market in our community by assuring easy access to electric charging services.”

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