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CHAdeMO-equipped quick-chargers to be the standard in America

With the whole world taking steps to ensure a greener and cleaner world for our future generation, one of the forerunners of this movement is using cars that run on electricity. Such cars emit no harmful gasses into the air, and don’t waste any precious fuels made from the world’s limited resources. But one of the main problems with electric cars is the time it takes to recharge them. Well, quick chargers have been created and now cars can be charged in 30 minutes. But one of the major problems that prevented its widespread adoption was the lack of a standardized plug. Earlier this year, the Japanese rectified the problem by setting a standard for their charging plugs called CHAdeMO, and now all electric cars and stations in that side of the world use this standardized plug and socket for their cars. It looks like the United States will be following suit. According to a recent report, America will be installing 310 CHAdeMO-equipped quick-chargers in Arizona, California, Texas, Tennessee, Oregon and Washington. 310 may seem very little, but considering how not many people have started using electrical cars yet, it’s a start.


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