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California’s Electric Grid Prepares for Future With More Solar Power

In California, there is a shift taking place in the amount of renewable energy being generated that is connected to the state’s electrical grid. According to the operators of the wholesale electrical grid there, power generated from renewable energy sources is now coming more from solar than wind power and the grid is preparing for further solar increases.

The California Independent System Operator, the nonprofit corporation responsible for operating most of the state’s high-voltage electricity grid, affirms in its Five-Year Strategic Plan that the shift is becoming more pronounced: “The renewables pipeline is signaling a shift from wind to solar development.”

As California’s electrical grid prepares for a future with more solar energy production, CISO affirms that it is readying the grid for smart charging stations for electric vehicles and larger-scale energy storage. CISO’s strategic plan asserts that these measures are necessary as the “market evolves with increasing penetrations of renewable resources.”

Currently, CISO is on track to do its part to ensure that the state meets its aggressive goal of generating 33 percent of its electricity supply from renewable resources by 2020. The organization is also performing transmission upgrades in regions where solar energy projects are proposed or being built.


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