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BYD E6 on display in Guangzhou

The BYD E6 has become the Chinese automotive poster boy for the new energy generation of cars, however trying to get hold of the car is turning out to be a minor nightmare. BYD are limiting test drives to the BYD factory campus in Shenzhen at the moment which may indicate some long distance running issues or BYD doesn’t want E6′s being taken out of their hands even for a few hours.”>
The E6 launch for the USA was delayed yet again and is expected to launch in 2011 according to the Wall Street Journal to accommodate more space in the rear for American consumers. At this Guangzhou Auto Show we were at least able to sit inside the E6 and we can report that the E6 is quite comfortable upfront, although the rear seating is a little comfortable. The rear seats actually sit higher than the front seats, probably due to the battery packs, also the foot space in the rear is uneven meaning that you sit with one foot higher than the other – probably not very comfortable over a long period of time. The interior plastics are fairly well made and are on par with other low cost economy cars, although the central arm rest had a few razor sharp edges.
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