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USA: Electric Vehicle Tech Training Program

Learn from the people who know it best. Electro Automotive has been in the electric vehicle conversion business longer than anyone – since 1979 – providing conversion kits, components, training, books, and videos about electric car conversions. We wrote the book on electric car conversions – literally. Our book Convert It has been the bible of electric car conversions for many years, and still is today. Brands and models of components and batteries may change, but the principles of a good conversion are fundamental.

Electro Automotive is pleased to announce the launch of the Electric Vehicle Tech Training Program™, in collaboration with the Electronic Transportation Development Center, Breathe California, Silicon Valley Clean Cities Coalition, and Autotrend Diagnostics, with partial funding from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The EVTT Program™ will present training programs on the technology of electric vehicles, in the tradition of the popular Electro Automotive seminars and workshops, but expanded with more material than ever before.

The first such event will be a three day seminar scheduled for Jan. 14 -16, 2011. The seminar is structured in three one-day modules. Participants may register for one day, any two days, or all three days. The seminar will be held at the San Jose office of Breathe California, and a portion of the registration fee will go to Breathe California. Each participant will receive a copy of the book Convert It as well as a workbook of all the lecture slides. There will be components on hand, as well as a running EV.
Seating is limited, and advance registration is required.
Day One: Owning & Using an EV
This is a non-technical session covering material for the EV owner and driver. It includes information on what options are available for acquiring an EV, the benefits an EV provides, and how to use the EV in daily service to optimize its performance. This session is suitable for anyone considering acquiring an EV for business or personal use, and for automotive or environmental teachers. It is also foundation material for persons who will be maintaining and servicing EVs, or doing conversions of conventional vehicles to electric power.
Topics Include:

* Types of EVs – chassis types, BEVs, NEVs, HEVs, PHEVs, etc.
* Benefits – environmental, efficiency, reduced costs & maintenance, etc.
* Availability – factory EVs, new or used, conversions, etc.
* Performance – speed, range, charging time, driving conditions
* Costs – acquisition, energy, maintenance, battery replacement, incentives
* Safety – electrical, batteries, collision, etc.
* AC vs. DC drive systems
* Driving & Charging – recommended techniques
* Maintenance
* Registration & Insurance

Day Two: EV Components
This is a technical session that covers all the components in an EV, types and characteristics of each, and how they function in the vehicle. This session is suitable for automotive technicians, automotive and environmental teachers, and persons interested in doing conversions, either commercially or privately.
Topics Include:

* Motors
* Transmissions & adaptors
* Speed & throttle controls
* Batteries
* Chargers
* DC/DC Converters
* Instrumentation
* Contactors & Relays
* Circuit Breakers & Fuses
* Power Accessories
* Climate Control
* Suspension
* Tires

Day Three: Working on EVs
This is a technical session that covers tips, techniques, and procedures for building or working on electric vehicles. This session is suitable for automotive technicians, automotive and environmental teachers, and persons interested in doing conversions, either commercially or privately.
Topics Include:

* Special Tools
* Stripping a Chassis for Conversion
* Component Layout in the Vehicle
* Motor Mounts
* Battery Boxes/Racks
* High Current Cabling
* Low Current Wiring
* Troubleshooting

Mike Brown & Shari Prange of
Electro Automotive
Jan. 14 – 16, 2011
Breathe California
1469 Park Ave.
San Jose, CA
10:00 am to 5:00 pm each day, lunch from 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Day One: Owning & Using an EV – $100
Day Two: EV Components – $275
Day Three: Working on EVs – $275
5% discount for any two-day registration
10% discount for three-day registration
More Info:
To Register:
Mail payment to:
Electro Automotive
PO Box 1113
Felton, CA 95018-1113
Travel Info:
Just a few blocks from Norman Y. Mineta San Jose Int’l. Airport
Convenient to many nearby hotels


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