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UPA to Install South Carolina Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

GREENVILLE, S.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Utility Partners of America (UPA), a leading electric, gas and water utility solutions provider, has been selected as an exclusive partner to install and support a network of public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across South Carolina. One of the first large-scale programs of its kind, the initiative is spearheaded by Plug In Carolina, an organization dedicated to promoting the adoption of plug-in technology.

“UPA was a great fit to manage the build-out component, due to their expertise and success in large-scale field deployments”

Once installed, EV drivers will be able to “refuel” in as little as 10 minutes at more than 200 publicly-accessible charging stations. Supplied by Eaton Corporation, the stations will be located at municipal parking garages, public streets and participating retailers in seven South Carolina host cities. Two-way data communication and payment system options will be incorporated wherever possible for enhanced consumer convenience.

“We are excited to join a distinguished group of industry leaders propelling South Carolina’s position as the first EV-ready state in the country,” said Michael Cale, UPA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Installing EV portals represents a natural extension of our AMI/AMR capabilities, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with Plug In Carolina and Eaton Corporation to prepare for the future today.”

The initiative, funded largely by two state grants secured through the South Carolina Energy Office, features development of a network of charging stations with one, two, or four charge points each. The network is expected to be operational by December 1, 2010, to support the variety of new EVs entering the market.

“UPA was a great fit to manage the build-out component, due to their expertise and success in large-scale field deployments,” according to Jim Poch, Executive Director of Plug In Carolina. “We are confident that partnering with UPA to manage the installation logistics for this network will keep us on target to develop our state’s innovative charging network.”

About Utility Partners of America (UPA)

Utility Partners of America is a leading water, gas and electric utility solutions provider that focuses on smart meter installation services, Smart Grid Network Communications installation, Electric Vehicle charging installation solutions, in-home device installation and home warranty services programs throughout the United States and Canada. UPA’s core competencies include the management of large-scale field deployments for device installations, home warranty services programs, technical support, state-of-the-art customer call center services, marketing services and other energy conservation programs. UPA is a System One company.


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