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The Milner Motors ElectriCar

The Milner Motors ElectriCar is a 4-door, 4-place, 4-wheel plug-in hybrid electric car designed from the ground up to be safe, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, easy to use, stylish and affordable.

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The technology exists today to advance the design of automobiles to achieve a 5 times increase in fuel economy after two hours of running on batteries. This has been shown to be possible by light-weighting the vehicle through the use of composites, by the completely new design of vehicle systems, and through the use of electric-hybrid propulsion systems.

Based on years of engineering and technical research, the Milner ElectriCar’s patented design incorporates a modern gasoline/electric hybrid power train, advanced materials, computer controlled systems, lightweight battery packs, and computer-aided design for occupant safety.

The Milner Motors ElectriCar is an electric vehicle with gasoline assist. Our vehicle is designed for 2 hours of operation using the batteries. It has an onboard gasoline engine that turns on automatically for trips outside the all-electric range. 95% of daily driving is expected to be handled by the electric drive.

The footprint (wider wheel base and tread width) provides a stable ride with the added advantage of having the wheels outside of the body which provides a quieter ride.

We are currently building a driveable prototype of the ElectriCar to test handling, energy efficiency, and practicality. After the ElectriCar’s capabilities have been proven, we will market the ElectriCar as a kit car. Then we will work on full Federal Government safety certification to bring the vehicle to the domestic U.S. market.


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