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Tavares Outlines Nissan’s Electric Future

In an address and Q&A session with Detroit Automotive Press Association, Nissan executive vice president Carlos Tavares promised three new plug-ins by 2014, shared some growth projections for the EV market, and offered a few interesting tidbits about early LEAF sales.

Between its Nissan and Infiniti nameplates, Renault-Nissan plans to bring three new electrics to the U.S. market by 2014. None of which have yet been given an official name:

Unnamed Infiniti EV
Expected Release Date: 2013

What We Know: Few details are currently available, though Infiniti did release a blurred sketch of the car in September. What is known is that the car will be a sporty, “high-performance” subcompact, meaning that it will most likely have either a shorter range or larger battery pack than the Nissan LEAF.

Nissan Commercial Electric Van
Expected Release Date: By 2014

What We Know: Nissan says its new NV200 commercial delivery van will soon be followed by two smaller variants, one of which being a plug-in. The planned electric model has already been shown in a sketch (which makes it look more or less like a taller, longer LEAF,) and has been described as a direct competitor to the Ford Transit Connect EV.

Nissan ‘New Mobility Concept’
Expected Release Date: By 2014

What We Know: The small city car was just announced for North American market this week, and is basically a clone of Renault’s Twizy small car, which hits the European market next year. Both cars will have a range of 62 miles and a top speed of 47 mph.
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