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Houston Gets Country’s Most Comprehensive EV Charging Network

One of the first things you will notice driving through Houston, is a city that loves its automobile. Most in this Texan metropolis are perfectly happy driving a mile just to get a carton of milk.

But as an attempt to shed its reputation as being an oil city, Houston is getting one of America’s largest electric car charging infrastructure. NRG Energy (clever!) is rolling a $10 million EV charging network — dubbed evgonetwork — across the city, that could put most Houstonians within five miles of a charging station.

NRG is planning to install 50 to 150 public chargers in shopping centers, supermarkets, apartment complexes, etc, across Houston by 2011, as well as place home-charging equipment at subscriber’s houses throughout Harris County, Texas.

For $49 to $89 dollars a month, subscribers can “fill up” their cars up to 80 percent either at home or at the public charging stations within 30 minutes and won’t have any additional charges on their electricity bill, depending on the plan.

The fee will also include a 220-volt “Level 2″ home-charging station with a dedicated smart meter. Such a station can completely power up a typical EV in six to eight hours.

Companies like Aerovironment and General Electric have signed up with NRG to provide charging-station hardware and smart meters, while Best Buy, Walgreens and H-E-B have agreed to install public stations on their parking lot.

Direct Energy, Green Mountain Energy, Reliant Energy and TXU Energy have additionally agreed to provide the electricity.
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