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Coda Automotive makes car rental deals with Hertz and Enterprise

nerships with Coda Automotive where both car rental agencies making Coda’s electric sedan available at select locations. This is a sign of good news for Coda, especially following the recent news of their management shakeup (see: Coda Automotive delaying production, after departure of senior execs).

In both cases travelers will be able to rent electric cars. Coda expresses optimism that this move will help to “lift the veil” of mystery surrounding electric vehicles. A traveler could easily experience electric vehicles simply by renting one at a much lower commitment than purchasing or leasing one. After experiencing an electric vehicle perhaps the customer will be more likely to later purchase an electric vehicle.

Initial deployment, in both cases, will be small. Hertz will make the Coda available at “select southern California” locations and has plans to “roll out its EV rental program with full-scale deployment in the United States and abroad beginning in 2011.” Hertz is also plans for their car rental and car sharing locations to be bases for electric vehicles and charging stations. The Hertz Global EV plan intends to offer not just the Coda, but also the Nissan Leaf.

In an announcement in October, Coda and Enterprise Rent-a-Car announced a similar plan. Enterprise intends to introduce up to 100 Coda Sedan’s at rental locations during 2011. Their announcement discusses how Enterprise operates over 5000 offices within 15 miles of 90 percent of the U.S. population. One angle is that a prospective Coda customer could rent a Sedan for an “extended test drive”.
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