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Research and Markets: Lithium Metal Phosphate Batteries 2010-04 – A Comprehensive Panorama of the Intellectual Property Landscape

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Lithium Metal Phosphate Batteries 2010-04” report to their offering.

In the current roadmap on emerging battery technologies, LiMPO4 cathodes raises high hope concerning the possibility of efficient energy storage at high charge and discharge rate, thus raising the technical potential of hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles as well as wind and solar energy storage. Moreover, because of the safety issues raised by Li-ion batteries, LiMPO4 cathodes are of crucial interest for battery manufacturers and even end-users of batteries.

This interest results in a very high research and patenting activity in the last years. While a patent war has been engaged for a long time concerning the Dr. Good enough key patent, other actors are building up their portfolio notably in China where this key patent is not extended.

The present report analyses the patent environment and notably highlights the strategy of current major players which are not necessarily the major patent holders. The question can be raised for a few of them of their possibility to evolve rapidly enough to maintain their market position towards better protected competitors.

In a sector where more than 1200 patents and patent applications have been filed, this IP Overview LiMPO4 cathodes provides you with a comprehensive panorama of the intellectual property landscape and helps you:

•Position your company’s R&D and IP Portfolio notably regarding to the University of Texas patent portfolio
•Identify key inventors and key players involved in specific compositions of cathode
•Understand the collaboration networks and theirs dynamics
Some Key Topics Covered in this Report:

•Brief outline of the technology
•Brief outline of the market
•Roadmap of emerging battery technologies
•Patent Query
•World analysis
•Evolution of patent filings (1992-2008)
•Main applicants
•Part of the portfolio hold by the 10 first applicants Breakdown of filings of the main institutional over time
•Breakdown of filings of the main industrial over time
•Main co-filings between applicants
•Industrial & institutional filings over time
•Map of priority filings
•Evolution of priority filings Map of patent protection (priority + extensions)
•Evolution of extensions
•Evolution of the number of applicants
•Segmentation by type of material
•Segmentation by assignee
•North America focus (USA Canada)
•China focus
•Japan focus
•South Korea Taiwan focus
•Europe focus
Applicant focus:

•University of Texas System
•Hydro Quebec
•Valence Technology
•A123 systems
•Shenzhen BAK battery
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