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Reportlinker Adds Global Electric Vehicles Industry

NEW YORK, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ — announces that a new market
research report is available in its catalogue:

Global Electric Vehicles Industry

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Electric Vehicles in Thousands of
Units by the following product segments: Battery Powered Electric Vehicles
(BPEVs), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
(FCEVs). The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US,
Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and
forecasts are provided for each region for the period 2007 through 2015. A
seven-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets. The report
profiles 86 companies including many key and niche players such as AB Volvo
Group, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Daimler AG, Fiat SpA, Ford Motor Company,
General Motors Corporation, Honda Motor Co, Ltd., Hyundai Motor Company, Isuzu
Motors Ltd, Mazda Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Nissan Motor
Co., Ltd., PSA Peugeot Citroen S.A, Renault SA, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toyota
Motor Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd, and Volkswagen AG. Market data and
analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are
mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.





Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations 1

Disclaimers 2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level 3

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics 3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study 3

Battery Powered Electric Vehicles (BPEVs) 3

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) 4

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) 4



HEVs Drive the Overall Market 6

Which EV Type Would be Ultimately Accepted in the Market? 6

Automakers’ Dilemma 7

Battery-Powered EVs: The Only Zero Emission Vehicle 7

Dependence of BEVs on Battery Technology 8

Hybrid EVs: An Interim Solution to Air Pollution 8

Fuel Cell EVs: The Promise of Low Emission Levels 8

Not Enough Electric Cars to Dent CO2 Emissions by 2020 8

Electric Vehicles: A Historical Overview 9


Market Scenario and Outlook 11

Table 1: Leading Players in the Global EV/HEV Market (2008):

Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales for Toyota, Ford,

General Motors and Others (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 11

Table 2: Worldwide Electric Vehicles Market: Percentage Share

of Unit Sales by Vehicle Class – Light Duty and Heavy Duty

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 11

US, Japan and Western Europe: Leading EV Demand 12

Europe and Asia: Principal Potential Markets 12

Asia to Emerge as the Largest Market 12

Fuel Efficiency Upholds Alternative Fuel Technologies 12

Market Trends – Over the Years 13

Testing Times for EV Market 13

Hybrid Car Market to Revive Post-Recession 13

Global Crisis to Spur Electric Car Development 14

Fleet Managers Increasingly Choose Hybrid Vehicles 15

Future Contours of Hybrid Car Industry 15

Gearing Up for The Change in Transportation 16

New Initiatives Come to the Fore 16

Nanotechnology-Based Battery Technology Poised to Make an Impact 16

Car Markers Embrace Lithium-Ion Battery Technology for Hybrid

Vehicles 17

Vehicle Cost to Remain a Major Impediment to Penetration 18

Commercial Recharging Stations Likely to be a Lackluster Affair 18

Growing Acceptance of Hybrid EVs among Consumers 18

Hybrids Receive Varied Responses 19

Battery Powered Electric Vehicles: A Slowly Developing Segment 19

Growing Trend Towards Small and Low-Speed Electric Vehicles 19

Major Factors Influencing the Market 20

Growing Environmental Concerns 20

Oil Price Uncertainty 20

Increasing Regulations 20

Developments in Battery Technology 21

Market Restraints 21

Safety Concerns: A Major Impediment 21

Performance Predicaments 21

Maintenance Constraints 22

High Manufacturing Costs 22

Under Developed Recharging and New Fuel Infrastructure 22

Rapid Developments in Conventional Vehicles and Other AFVs 22

Impact of EV R&D on Other Sectors 23

High Costs in EV R&D to Affect Research Efforts in

Conventional Vehicles 23

Impact of EV R&D on Non-Vehicular Applications 23


EV Types: By Vehicular Class 24

EV Types: By Vehicular Technology 24

Battery Powered Electric Vehicles 24

Operating Characteristics 24

Environmental Benefits 24

Advantages and Disadvantages 24

Advantages 24

Disadvantages 24

Current and Evolving EV Battery Technologies 25

Lead-Acid Batteries 25

Lithium/Polymer Batteries 25

Zinc-Bromine Batteries 25

Nickel-Cadmium Batteries 26

Nickel-Zinc Batteries 26

Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries 26

Nickel-Iron Batteries 26

Sodium-Sulfur Batteries 26

Redox Batteries 26

Metal-Air Batteries 27

Zinc-Air Batteries 27

Aluminum-Air Batteries 27

High Temperature Lithium Batteries 27

Sodium-Metal Chloride Batteries 27

Lithium Metal Sulfide Batteries 28

Others 28

Hybrid Electric Vehicles 28

Operating Characteristics 28

Propulsion Types 28

Series Hybrid Configuration 28

Parallel Hybrid Configuration 29

Combined Hybrid Configuration 30

Mechanical Hybrid Configuration 30

Segments 30

Charge-Sustaining HEVs 30

Advantages of Charge-Sustaining Configuration vis-à-vis

Charge-Depleting Configuration 31

Charge-Depleting HEVs 31

Advantages of Charge-Depleting Configuration vis-à-vis

Charge-Sustaining Configuration 31

Full Hybrid Vehicles 32

Mini Hybrid Vehicles 32

Environmental Benefits 32

Advantages and Disadvantages 32

Advantages 32

Disadvantages 32

R&D Trends in HEV Market 32

Hybrid Car Market Outlook 33

Other HEV Development Trends 33

Vehicle Manufacturers Favor Charge- Sustaining Hybrids 33

Utilities Favor Charge-Depleting Hybrids 34

Automakers Prefer Diesel/Petrol Technologies Over Hybrids 34

Regional Trends 34

US: Charge-Sustaining Hybrids Dominate Major Developments 34

Japan: Developments Reflect Trends in the US 35

Europe: An Exception 35

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 35

Table 3: Worldwide FCEV Market: Projected Market Shares of

Vehicle Manufacturers by 2020 for GM, Toyota, Honda, Ford,

DCX, Renault/Nissan, Hyundai/Kia, VW, PSA, ROW, Fiat, and

BMW (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 35

Operating Characteristics 36

Environmental Benefits 36

Advantages and Disadvantages 36

Advantages 36

Major Disadvantage 36

Technologies 37

Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel Cells 37

Methanol Fuel Cells 37

Hydrogen Fuel Cells 37

Evolving EV Technologies 38

Flywheels 38

Ultracapacitors 38

Microturbines 39

Pulse Power Batteries 39


Environmental Issues 40

Environmental Impact of ICEVs 40

The Ensuing Health Problems 40

Electric Vehicles and Environmental Issues 40

Regulatory and Other Factors 41

Introduction 41

Regulatory Requirements 41


EV Battery Market 43

Electric Vehicles: A Major Potential Market for Batteries 43

Table 4: Worldwide Rechargeable Battery Market (2008):

Percentage Breakdown by Chemistry for Lead Acid, Nickel

Based, Lithium Based and Others (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 43

Battery Market to Excel 44

Replacement Sales: The Major Driving Force 44

EV Battery Power Density and Range: Major Impediments to Growth 44

EV Battery Charging Market 44

Battery Charging: An Evolving Service Sector 44

Under Developed Charging Infrastructure: The Major Constraint 45

EV Components Market 45

EV Component Availability: A Major Concern 45

EV Market Uncertainties Restrain the EV Components Sector 45


Natural Gas 46

Propane/LPG 46

Methanol 47

Ethanol 47

Biodiesel 48

Introduction 48

Sources and Types of Biodiesel 48

Vehicular Emissions 48

Table 5: Approximate Emission Variations of B20 Relative to

Conventional Diesel 49

Table 6: Approximate Emission Variations of B100 Relative to

Conventional Diesel 49

Performance Characteristics 49

Dimethyl-Ether (DME) 50

Properties of DME 50

Production of DME 51

Applications of Dimethyl-Ether 51

DME in Transportation 51

DME in Fuel Cells 51


Envision Motor Company to Unveil New Electric Vehicles 52

Geely Automobile Holdings to Introduce Electric Vehicles 52

Hyundai Introduces Tucson/ ix35 Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric

Vehicle 52

Ford to Unveil Electric Vehicles 52

Ford Motor and Azure Dynamics to Launch Transit Connect Electric 53

Jaguar to Launch Electric Jaguar XJ 53

Toyota Introduces Petrol-Electric Hybrid Camry 53

Reva, M & M, and Tata Motors to Launch Electric Passenger

Carriers and Trucks 53

Balqon to Launch Nautilus XE20 54

Volvo Develops C30 Electric Vehicle 54

Tesla to Release Right-Hand-Drive Roadster Electric Car 54

Volkswagen to Launch Electric Vehicles in Japan 54

General Motors Develops Lithium-ion Battery 55

Ricardo and PEP Stations Unveil New Electric Vehicle Charging

Concept 55

Hyundai to Unveil Hyundai i10 Electric 55

Opel to Roll Out a Range of Electric Vehicles 56

Chery Automobile to Introduce Electric Vehicle 56

Fuji to Roll out Gas-Electric Hybrid Vehicle 56

Renault to Unveil New Electric Vehicle in Romania 56

Honda to Roll Out EV-N Retro Electric and CR-Z Hybrid Sports Car 56

REVA to Unveil New Electric Car Models 56

Peugeot to Unveil i0n Electric Vehicle 57

Global Green Cars and Green Star Products Launch EV Raceway

Pace Car 57

BYD to Unveil e6 crossover 57

Honda to Launch Electric Vehicle in US 57

Toyota to Roll Out IQ Electric Vehicle 58

Kia Introduces Forte Liquid Petroleum Injection Hybrid 58

Tomberlin Group Unveils Anvil Electric Vehicle 58

Volvo to Introduce Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle 58

BYD Introduces e6 All-Electric Crossover Vehicle 58

Subaru Commences Testing of ‘Stella’ in Japan 59

Adura Unveils New MESA(TM) Powertrain 59

Dodge to Launch Hybrid Ram in 2010 59

Holden to Unveil EcoLine Range of Environment- Friendly Vehicles 59

Lexus Unveils Small and Economical Luxury Car, Lexus HS 250h 60

Chrysler Plans to Roll Out First All-Electric Sports Car 60

FEV Plans to Introduce Dodge Caliber-Based ReEV Concept 61

Maruti Plans to Unveil Electric Vehicles 61

Jaguar to Roll Out XJ Hybrid Electric Car 61

Chrysler Launches Peapod – Neighborhood Electric Vehicle 62

Mitsubishi Motors Plans Production of i MiEV for Global Markets 62

Segway and GM to Unveils Innovative Vehicle Class 62

Hyundai Debuts Sophisticated Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus 63

Kia Launches 2010 Forte Koup Vehicle Worldwide 63

EV Innovations Unveiled New EV ‘WAVE’ and Sports Car ‘INIZIO EVS’ 64

Hyundai Introduces First LPI Powered Hybrid Vehicle, Elantra


Brilliance Auto to Introduce Electric Car 65

Tesla Motors Launches a Working Model of S Sedan 65

Ikea Singapore and ZECO Scooters are First to Introduce ”

Greenlots” in Singapore 66

GoinGreen Introduces G-Wiz L-ion with Extended Range 66

Ford to Sell Electric Car 66

ATCO Electric Introduces First Hybrid Utility Vehicle in Alberta 67

Toyota Motor to Introduce Hybrid Cars 67

Honda to Unveil New Honda Insight 2010 Vehicles 67

Toyota to Introduce Prius in The Phillipines 68

Ford to Showcase New Tourneo Connect at Geneva Motor Show 68

EDAG Introduces Light Car 69

Zipcar Unveils Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles Pilot Program 69

GT Legend Automotive Holdings to Launch Electric Driveshaft 70

M&M to Unveil Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 70

Volkswagen to Exhibit Diesel-Electric Hybrid Golf 70

Chery Automobile to Launch BEV 71

GM to Unveil Volt, A New Plug-In Electric Car 71

ZAP Plans to Unveil Electric Van 71

Chery Motors Unveils S18 71

Ford to Launch All-Electric Vehicle in North America 72

BYD to Unveil Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in North American

Market 72

Toyota Plans to Unveil Fully-Electric Car in US 72

Tesla Launches Roadster Sport 72

Chrysler Plans to Roll Out Electric Car in Asia and Europe 73

BMW Expands Hybrid Gas-Electric Vehicle Range with X6

Crossover and 7 Series 73

Aptera to Launch Electric Cars 73

REVA Announces First Lithium-ion-Powered Electric Car 73

Toyota to Launch Battery Electric Vehicle Concept 74

Mercedes Introduces Concept BlueZERO 74

BYD Introduces F3DM Model 75

Fedex Express and Modec Launches Electric Commercial Vehicle 75

Tatra to Introduce Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 75

Enel and Smart Introduces E-Mobility Project in Italy 76

KMC Exhibits Kia Borrego FCEV 76

BMW Releases Electric Model of Mini 77

NAP Launches NAPcar-3000 77

Mini to Release Mini E 77

UQM Unveils eRUF 78

Ajanta to Roll out Oreva Super Electric Car 78

Mitsubishi Motors to Unveil iMiEV Electric Vehicles in New

Zealand 78

Volvo Launches Commercially Viable Volvo 7700 Hybrid Bus 78

Chrysler to Release Battery-Driven Jeep Wrangler and Minivan 79

GM Introduces Production Model of Chevrolet Volt 80

Bricklin to Engineer EVX/LS Hybrid Sedan 80

Lightning Car Unveils Lightning 80

Toyota Rolls out Hi-CT Plug-in Hybrid 81

Volvo Develops Hybrid Car 81

Hyundai Announces Plans to Launch Eco-friendly Small Hybrid Cars 81

Mercedes Benz Plans Launch of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 82

Toyota to Introduce Compact All-Electric Car 82

Detroit Electric to Release Electric Car Technology 82

Tata Motors to Unveil Indica’s Electric Version in India 83

Tata Plans to Launch Electric Version of Nano 83

Sunmotor Plans to Unveil Solar Car 83

Nissan Unveils New All-electric Hybrid Prototypes 84

Coulomb Develops New ChargePoint Network for Plug-in Hybrids 84

NICE Plans to Roll Out Two New Electric Vehicles 85

Pihsiang Develops Electric Vehicles 85

Mercedes-Benz Forays into Fuel Cells with F600 HyGenius 86



Topia Unveils ‘Huvo’ Single Seat Light Weight Car 87

Aptera Typ-1 Electric Car Provides Fuel Efficiency of 300

Miles a Gallon 87

Chevrolet Unveils 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid 87

Volkswagen to Commence Manufacturing Electric Cars 88

College Students Collaborate on First of its Kind Plug- in

Hybrid Vehicle 88

Toyota Unveils Zero-Emission Fuel-Cell Hybrid Vehicle 89

Mitsubishi Motors Plans to Launch Electric Vehicle in India 89

Honda to Launch New Eco-friendly Hybrid Cars 89

SMA to Roll out Novel Cars 90

ZAP to Roll out “Made for iPod” Electric Car 90

Tanfield and Ford Motor Co-Develop a New Electric Car 90

Volvo Buses Plans to Develop Hybrid Vehicles Globally 90

Dong Energy to Launch Eco-friendly Electric Cars Powered by

Windmills 91

ZENN Motor to Introduce CityZENN EV 91

Loremo to Introduce E-Loremo 92

Hybrid Launches LiV(TM) 92

Reva to Introduce a New Variant of Electric Cars 92

HM to Launch Electric Car in India 93

Nissan to Launch Electric Cars for Fleet Customer 93

Volvo Trucks Unveils Hybrid Refuse Trucks 93

Honda to Release Two Green Cars 94

Hyundai Applies Mild Hybrid System in Commercial Vehicles 94

JCS Showcases Power Storage Solutions 94

Fiat Introduces Electric Version of Fiat Fiorino 94

Nissan Motor Introduces Pivo2 95

Mazda Introduces Tribute SUV Hybrid Electric Vehicle 95

Japanese Inventors Roll Out Battery Powered Electric Vehicle 95

GM Reveals New Variant of E-Flex System 95

Ford Introduces Advanced Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicle 95

Volvo Introduces I-SAM Hybrid Concept 96

GM Launches Saturn Aura Green Line 96

ZAP Showcases Latest Multi-Function Electric Vehicles 96

ZAP Launches the Xebra Electric Car and Pickup in California 97

Toyota Showcases Advanced Hybrid/Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 97

Tesla Motors to Launch Roadster 97

TRW Introduces New Technology Set 97

Toyota Launches 2007 -Lexus GS 450 Hybrid 97

GEM Launches 6-Seater Electric Car 98

Quantum and US Army Launch Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicle 98

Ford Unleashes Ethanol-Fueled Ford Escape Hybrid E85 Vehicle 98

Spijkstaal and Rotterdam Port Unveil Electric Bus Zeus 99

Smith Electric Launches Two New Battery- Powered Trucks 99

Honda Motor Launches Accord Hybrid Version 2 99

PSA Peugeot Citroën Rolls Out Two Diesel Hybrid Models 99

PSA Peugeot Citroën, and CEA Unveil Fuel Cell Stack GENEPAC 100

PPAO Launches Electric Vehicles in Thailand 100

Miljobil Rolls Out Pollution-Free Electric Vehicle 100

Piaggio’s Electric Vehicle Portfolio Hits the UK Market 100

Mitsubishi Unwraps Colt EV 100

Hyundai Releases Tucson FCEV 100

Keio University Develops Electric Vehicles 101

Sporty Electric Car from Prodrive 101

Nissan to Produce Petrol-Electric Cars 101

Reva in Japan 101

SatCon Rolls Out Latest HEV Products Range 101

DaimlerChrysler Signs an Agreement with GM 102

BYD Auto Releases New Electric Cars 102

Electric Fuel Cell Tuscon SUV from Hyundai 102

E-Ride Rolls Out Low-Speed Electric Cars 102

Michelin, PSI Introduce New Electric Fuel Cell Vehicle Prototype 102

Ford Launches Focus Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) 102

Toyota Introduces Lexus RX 400h 103

IXYS Unveils New Class of IGBTs 103

Ford Launches New 2.3-liter Hydrogen Engine 103


Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corp. to Acquire Smith UK Division 104

T3 Motion Deploys Lithium Battery Systems 104

Flux Power and Wheego Electric Cars Ink Storage Systems Supply

Agreement 104

Remy International Signs Agreement with Advanced Mechanical

Products 105

Nissan Motors and Hertz Enter Partnership 105

Nissan Signs Agreements with Three US States for Charging

Infrastructure 105

UQM Technologies Receives Contract from Quantum Fuel 106

Remy International Unveils Remy Electric Motor Technologies 106

Verdek-EV Inks Agreement with Venta for Electric Vehicle 106

Proton Power Systems Ink MoU with Smith Electric Vehicles 107

Bladon Jets and Jaguar Land Rover Ink Agreement 107

Hubei Electric Power Inks Agreements with Suizhou and Xiangfan

Governments 107

Wheego and EVCARCO Ink Dealership and Territory Rights Agreement 108

GM to Design, Manufacture Electric Motors 108

LG Chem Inks Agreement with Chang’an Automobile Group 108

ZAP Inks Agreement with Zhejiang Jonway Automobile 108

A123 Systems Inks Battery Supply Agreement with Fisker Automotive 109

Universal Power Inks Battery Distribution Agreement with K2

Energy Solutions 109

BYD to Sell e6 in North America 109

Tesla Motors and Panasonic Partner to Develop Battery Cell

Technology 110

ZAP and Zhejiang Jonway to Manufacture Electric Sport Utility

Vehicle in China 110

Eltek Valere to Deliver Chargers to THINK City 110

The Government of Andalusia Inks an Agreement with Renault Spain 110

Peugeot Signs LoI Agreements with Veolia and Greenwheels 111

AeroVironment Collaborates with Nissan North America 111

Hydro-Quebec Inks MoU with Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada 111

Toyota Motor to Commence Marketing of Electric Vehicles 111

Think Global to Manufacture Vehicles in US 111

DTE Energy Installs ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations 112

General Motors to Build Pure-Electric Vehicle 112

LS Industrial Systems Inks MoU with CT&T 112

China Bak Battery to Execute Jilin Hi-Tech Electric Vehicle Order 112

ZAP Enters JV with Holley Group to Tap China’s EV market 112

Zotye Holding Group to Manufacture EVs 113

Electric Car Company and EVPC Enter Agreement 113

Navistar International Enters JV with Modec 113

Johnson Controls-Saft to Supply Lithium-ion Battery for Ford

Motor 113

Nissan Motor to Establish Electric Vehicle Plant in Guangzhou 113

Nissan Motor and Renault SA to Establish EV Battery Facility

in France 114

Sanyo Electric and PSA Peugeot Citroen Sign Agreement 114

BMW Forms a Joint Venture with SGL 114

KEPCO and Hyundai Motor Group Ink Deal 114

General Motors India to Collaborate with Reva Electric for EV

Venture 114

BorgWarner Partners with UQM for Powertrain Products 115

Hydrogenics Bags Contract from Vision Industries Corporation

for HyPM 16 115

Hyundai Mobis & LG Chemicals to Set Up JV for EV Batteries 115

Keio University, Benesse Corporation Set UP Joint Venture for

E-cars 115

UQM Technologies Enters into Agreement to Provide Electric

Propulsion Systems 115

Advanced Battery Technologies Signs Distribution Agreement

with ZAP 116

Mitsubishi Motors and GS Yuasa to Establish a Plant for

Electric Vehicles Batteries 116

Dongfeng Motor Enters Into Agreement with Detroit Electric 116

Smith Electric Collaborates with Altec Industries 116

Daimler AG Purchases Stake in Tesla 117

BYD Auto and Volkswagen to Co-Develop EVs 117

Nissan Motor Partners with Europcar Groupe for Promoting EVs 117

AG Holdings Acquires Assets of Axeon 117

evstores Announces Intentions to Build Battery-powered Low

Speed MyCars 118

Renault-Nissan Alliance Signs an EV Deal with the Chinese MIIT 118

UAW and Fiat to Acquire Stake in Bailed-Out Chrysler 118

ECOtality Extends Nissan Partnership for EV Charge Stations in

Maricopa County 119

Renault-Nissan Ties-up with LeasePlan for Promoting EV Market

in Europe 119

BC Hydro and Vancouver Sign a Deal to Test Mitsubishi’s

Electric Car 120

Nissan to Tie-up with China for Promoting Electric Cars 120

A123 Signs Agreement with Chrysler for Offering Electric

Vehicular Batteries 121

Renault-Nissan Ties up with Ireland Utility to Develop

Electric Motor Car Network 121

Mitsubishi to Increase EV Production 121

Green Star to Develop Electric Vehicles, Announces Strategic

Plans 122

EV Innovations Plans Merger with General Motors and Chrysler 123

Peugeot Collaborates with Mitsubishi to Develop EV for Europe 123

Detroit Electric, Proton Ink Partnership for Pure Electric

Vehicles 123

Smith Electric Vehicles To Start Assembly of Electric Delivery

Vans 124

Mitsubishi and Principality of Monaco Sign MoU over i MiEV On

-Road Testing 124

Renault-Nissan to Implement Zero Emission Mobility in Monaco 125

Jinzhou Wonder and CT&T Form Joint Venture to Launch Electric Car 126

GS Yuasa Signs a Joint Venture Deal with Honda 126

Think to Open New Manufacturing Plant in the US 126

Nissan Inks Deal with San Diego Gas & Electric 127

Nissan Collaborates with One North East for Promoting EV Use 127

Think Teams Up with ElmoNet 128

Renault Nissan Alliance Joins Hands with ewz 128

AT&T to Replace Corporate Fleet with Alternative Fuel Vehicles 128

Mitsubishi and Peugeot Collaborate to Develop EVs for European

Market 129

Kraft Foods and Honda Motors Become First Users of Hybrid Trucks 129

ECOtality Partners with Nissan to Unveil Electric Vehicles in

Arizona 129

Magna Plans to Collaborate with BRUSA over Electric and Hybrid

Cars 130

Renault-Nissan Collaboration and Elektromotive Sign MoU 130

Portuguese government Signs Letter of Intent with Nissan 131

IBM Participates in EDISON Research Project 131

Hybrid Technologies Changes Name to EV Innovations 132

Michelin and Valeo Collaborate to Develop EV and Hybrid Vehicles 132

Volkswagen and Toshiba Collaborate 132

Smith Electric Vehicles Inks Agreement with Ford Motor 133

Efficient Drivetrains Establishes Research Center in Dixon 133

Meridian Inks Joint Venture Agreement with Mitsubishi 133

Tanfield Establishes Smith Electric Vehicles US 133

Magna Electronics Takes Over BluWav Systems 134

Johnson Controls-Saft’s Lithium-Ion Battery Systems to be used

in Ford’s PHEVs 134

Reliance Digital Collaborates With REVA 134

SymPowerco to Develop HEV Prototype 134

Aixam Mega Takes over NICE Car Company 135

Tesla Motors to Supply Electric Batteries to Daimler’s New

Smart Car 135

Fiat to Take Over Stake in Chrysler 136

Johnson Controls-Saft Enters into a Supply Agreement with

Azure Dynamics 136

LG Chem Partners with General Motors for Supplying EV Batteries 136

Ford and Magna Collaborate to Develop New BEV 137

SAIC’s Energy Vehicle Joint Venture Starts Operations 137

Renault-Nissan Inks Deal with California’s Sonoma County 137

Dongfeng Nissan to Manufacture Electric Cars in China 138

Renault-Nissan Inks Agreement with Energie Ouest Suisse 138

Ener1 Inks Deal with Kyushu Electric Power 138

SAIC to Develop EVs and Hybrid EVs 139

Optimal Energy to Launch Electric Car for Global Market 139

Daimler and KIT Enter Partnership for a Joint Research Initiative 139

Oregon and Nissan Enter Partnership 140

Shuanghuan and RTEV Partner to Market and Manufacture Electric

Cars 140

WATG Subsidiary and Korean CT&T Sign Development Agreement 141

TMETC Secures 50.3 % Ownership Stake in MGI 141

Electrovaya Inks Deal with Three Chinese Companies 141

Chrysler Commences Hybrid Electric Vehicles Production 141

Better Place Teams-Up with Macquarie Capital and AGL 142

Electrovaya to Introduce Electric Cars in Norway 143

BYD Takes Over SinoMOS Semiconductor 143

AC Propulsion to Collaborate with Yulon for New Electric Vehicle 143

EDF and Renault Enter Partnership 144

EDF Enters into Deal with PSA Peugeot Citroen for Developing EVs 144

US DoE Awards US$10 Million to Ford Motor to Develop PHEVs 144

Electric Vehicles Takes Over Lafayette County Car Company 145

MidAmerican Energy Holding Co to Acquire 10% Ownership Stake

in BYD 145

UEEC to Take up Interest in SSC 145

GM Teams up with Ontario Power, Ontario Government 145

Azure Wins Contract from Leading US Baking Company 146

ZAP Breaks Ground to Set-Up Electric Vehicle Factory 146

Daimler and RWE to Launch Environment-Friendly EV in Berlin 146

Proton to Form a Joint Venture for Production of EVs 147

Integrity to Construct Electric Vehicle Facility 147

Delphi SOFC APU Powers Peterbilt Model-386 Truck 148

Detroit Electric Attracts European Technology and Investment

Partners 148

Mahindra & Mahindra to Develop a Larger, Expensive Electric

Car than Reva 149

Argentum Motors Acquires Major Stake in Heuliez 149

Mitsubishi Enters Electric Vehicle Demonstration/Research Deal

with PG&E 149

BYD Automobile to Introduce Electric Vehicles in Israel 150

The Al Yousuf Group Invests in ZAP 150

Electric Vehicles Inc. Announces EV Production Plans 150

Nissan Partners with State of Tennessee for EV Promotion 151

GM Teams Up with EPRI for PEVs 151

Duke Energy Pens EV Partnership with GM 152

Nissan Renault-Bajaj JV to Produce EVs 152

Fisker Selects Vamlet to Produce its Sports Car 152

Nissan-Renault Signs EV Mass-Marketing Deal with Portugal 153


Why’rd Setups Why’rd Automotive and Launches Electric-Powered

Cars in Utah 154

Reva Launches Electric Cars in New Delhi, India 154

ECE to Invest in Electric Cars 154

Zenn Motor Plans to Launch Fully Electric Cars in Canada 154

GM Announces Plans to Acquire Cobasys 155

ZAP Acquires Ownership Interest in Auto Company 155

Nissan-NEC JV Commences Operations 155

Liberty Electric Cars to Reengineer Large Luxury Cars into ZEVs 156

RTEV Launches in Georgia Tech 156

Audi to Introduce Electric Cars in the Next 5 -10 Years 157

Think Global Plans to Assemble and Sell Electric Cars in US 157

Manganese Bronze and Tanfield Team Up for Emission-Free

Electric Black Cabs 157

Think Partners with Major Cleantech Investors 157

Project Better Place and DONG Energy Launch Electric Vehicles

in Denmark 158

Renault-Nissan Signs Deal with Project Better Place to Market

EVs in Denmark 158

Farnow to Assemble Battery-Powered Cars and Three-Wheel

Rickshaws in India 158

Tesla Motors Commences 2008 Tesla Roadster Production 159

Jamesstan Acquires Optare 159

Raser Signs MOU with Tecstar to Manufacture PHEVs 159

Enova Enters into Supply Agreement with Smith Electric Vehicles 160

Gruau and Bollore Ink Deal to Develop Electric and Hybrid

Passenger Vehicles 160

Miles Electric Vehicles Opens in Tulsa, Oklahoma 160

Angeleno Group Heads Miles Electric Vehicles Investment 161

TEP and Mitsubishi Commence i MiEV Field Testing 161

PG&E Inks Purchase Agreement with Raser Technologies 162

GM to Establish Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Engineering Unit 162

Youngman Enters into Agreement with ZAP 163

Tata, Global Electric Enter into Contract 163

Miles, AllGreenVehicles Conclude Agreement 163

GM to Set up E-Flex Systems 163

Lockheed Martin Inks Agreement with EEStor 164

Bajaj, KTM Develop Electric Car 164

Italian Joint Venture of Zhongda to Become Operational 164

Electrovaya and Visionary Vehicles to Form Joint Venture 164

EPRI Collaborates with Ford 165

Leo Motors to Form Joint Venture with Global Electric Motors 165

Venturi Automobiles Partners with PSA Peugeot 165

Swedish Energy Agency Partners with Automobile Companies 165

TechAlt Secures EV Parts 165

Hitachi Secures Order from GM 166

Tata Motors Signs Contract with Global Electric Motor 166

Hyundai Plans Mass Production of Hybrid Cars 166

Toyota Plans Commencement of Sales of Lithium-ion Plug-in Hybrids 166

GM Establishes New Vehicle Engineering Organization 166

GM- Allison Secures Orders for 1,700 Hybrid Buses 167

ECOtality Acquires Electric Transportation Engineering Corp. 167

Hybrid Dynamics Pockets Fire Ant Corp. 167

Siemens VDO Acquires Electric Drive Business of Ballard 167

Harbin Electric Acquires of Harbin Taifu Auto 167

GM Partners with A123Systems 168

Phoenix Forms Joint Venture with Pristine 168

Nissan, NEC, and NEC Tokin form Joint Venture 168

ZAP Inks Agreement with Youngman Automotive Group 168

Hero Group Plans Venturing into Electric Cargo Vehicles 168

Toyota to Establish New Facility 169

Hitachi Receives Additional Investment 169

Volvo Commences Project on Hybrid Technology based Refuse

Vehicles 169

Toyota Plug-in Hybrid Certified for Use on Public Roads in Japan 169

GM Commences Production of 2-Mode Hybrid Transmission 169

GM Inks Battery Development Contracts with Two Companies 170

King County to Procure 500 GM Hybrid-Powered Buses 170

Hyundai, Infineon Collaborate to Develop Automotive Electronics 170

DaimlerChrysler & BMW to Develop Hybrid Drive System 170

Nissan Delivers X-TRAIL Fuel Cell Vehicle to Kanagawa Toshi Kotsu 171

Valence Collaborates with EnergyCS to Offer PHEV Technology to

AQMD 171

Tanfield Signs an Agreement with Marks & Spencer Group 171

Tanfield Signs Supply Deal with Enova Systems for Drive Trains 171

ZAP Signs Exclusive Agreement with Eco Tech A/S for Lithium

Battery System 171

ZAP Inks Distribution Agreement with AJ Imports 172

Subaru Develops New Electric Vehicle 172

US Researchers Add Gold Clusters to Stabilize Platinum

Electrocatalyst 172

Mahindra to Develop Scorpio Full Hybrid 172

Tianjin Qingyuan Commences Construction of a New Plant for

Electric Cars 172

Volvo Technology Invests in TranSiC for Semiconductor- based

Hybrid Vehicles 173

South Carolina, Iowa and Wisconsin Researchers Devise Off-road

Hybrid Electric Vehicles 173

Enova to Test Power Management Systems on Smith Electric Vehicles 173

Volkswagen Develops High Temperature Fuel Cell 173

US Researchers Develop Transmission Arrangements for HEVs 173

U.S. Postal Service to Test GM’s HydroGen3 Fuel Cell Minivan

in California 174

Electro Energy Joins Plug-In Hybrid Development Consortium 174

Toyota to Continue RAV4 EVs 174

Altairnano Receives Electric Car Battery Order from Phoenix 174

Eaton Develops Hybrid Electric Power System 174

UQM Tech Supplies Auxiliary Motors for HEVs 175

BYD Develops Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 175

Toyota to Focus on Eco-Friendly Vehicles 175

Toyota Develops Camry Hybrid 175

Tesla Receives US$40 Million Funding 175

DaimlerChrysler Starts Delivery of Diesel-Electric Hybrid Bus

to San Francisco MTA 175

Smith Electric Enters into Supply Agreement with TNT 176

Mitsubishi Develops Car With In Wheel Electric Motor 176

Feel Good Cars Corp Bags Order for Supply of Zenn Cars 176

GEM Signs Partnership Agreement with Matra 176

Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept 176

Mazda Delivers RX-8 Hydrogen RE Cars to Idemitsu, and Iwatani 177

General Motors Reduces Stake in Suzuki 177

PHEV Consortium Attracts Utility Companies 177

SatCon Bags US Army Contract 178

Johnson and Saft Set Up Joint Venture 178


AB Volvo Group (Sweden) 179

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Germany) 179

Daimler AG (Germany) 180

Fiat S.p.A (Italy) 180

Ford Motor Company (USA) 181

General Motors Corporation (USA) 182

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) 182

Hyundai Motor Company (South Korea) 183

Isuzu Motors Ltd. (Japan) 183

Mazda Motor Corp. (Japan) 184

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (Japan) 184

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) 184

PSA Peugeot Citroën S.A (France) 185

Renault SA (France) 186

Suzuki Motor Corp. (Japan) 186

Toyota Motor Corp. (Japan) 187

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd (Japan) 187

Volkswagen AG (Germany) 188


Table 7: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for

Electric Vehicles by Geographic Region – US, Canada, Japan,

Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), and Rest of World

Markets Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales in Units for

Years 2007 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 189

Table 8: World Historic Review for Electric Vehicles by

Geographic Region -US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific

(excluding Japan), and Rest of World Markets Independently

Analyzed by Annual Sales in Units for Years 2000 through 2006

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 190

Table 9: World 10-Year Perspective for Electric Vehicles by

Geographic Region – Percentage Breakdown of Unit Sales for US,

Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), and

Rest of World Markets for Years 2005, 2010 & 2015 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) 191

Table 10: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for

Battery Powered Electric Vehicles (BPEVs) by Geographic Region –

US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan),

and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed by Annual

Sales in Units for Years 2007 through 2015 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) 192

Table 11: World Historic Review for Battery Powered Electric

Vehicles (BPEVs) by Geographic Region – US, Canada, Japan,

Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), and Rest of World

Markets Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales for Years 2000

through 2006 in Units (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 193

Table 12: World 10-Year Perspective for Battery Powered

Electric Vehicles (BPEVs) by Geographic Region – Percentage

Breakdown of Unit Sales for US, Canada, Japan, Europe,

Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), and Rest of World Markets for

Years 2005, 2010 & 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 194

Table 13: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) by Geographic Region – US,

Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), and

Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales

in Unit for Years 2007 through 2015 (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 195

Table 14: World Historic Review for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

(HEVs) by Geographic Region – US, Canada, Japan, Europe,

Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), and Rest of World Markets

Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales in Units for Years 2000

through 2006 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 196

Table 15: World 10-Year Perspective for Hybrid Electric

Vehicles (HEVs) by Geographic Region – Percentage Breakdown of

Unit Sales for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific

(excluding Japan), and Rest of World Markets for Years 2005,

2010 & 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 197


A.Market Analysis 198

Market Scenario and Outlook 198

An Insight into the US Alternative Fuel Vehicles Market 198

Market Trends 199

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles Industry Continues to

Witness Growth 199

EV Batteries Demand Gaining Momentum 199

Mobility Services: An Alternative to Vehicle Ownership 200

Growing Technological Partnerships and Alliances 201

Increasing Trend Towards Neighborhood Electric Vehicles 201

Light Duty Vehicles: The Major Focus of Fuel Cell Developments 201

Increasing R&D Spending Despite Dismal Sales 201

Market Segmentation 202

Battery Powered Electric Vehicle Market 202

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Market 202

Table 16: Leading Hybrid Vehicles in the US (2008):

Percentage Breakdown of Unit Sales by Model – Toyota

Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota

Highlander Hybrid, Ford Escape PHEV, Lexus RX 400h, Nissan

Altima Hybrid, and Others (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 203

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Market 203

Hybrid & Fuel Cell Technologies – Delight of US Army 203

BEVs’ Impact on Power Consumption 203

Impact of ZEV Program on a National Basis 203

Major Target Markets 204

Fleets 204

Retail Markets 204

Non-Road Uses 204

B.Market Analytics 205

Table 17: US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for

Electric Vehicles by Product Type – Battery Powered Electric

Vehicles (BPEVs), and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

Markets Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales in Units for

Years 2007 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 205

Table 18: US Historic Review for Electric Vehicles by

Product Type – Battery Powered Electric Vehicles (BPEVs),

and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) Markets Independently

Analyzed by Annual Sales in Units for Years 2000 through

2006 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 206

Table 19: US 10-Year Perspective for Electric Vehicles by

Product Type – Percentage Breakdown of Unit Sales for

Battery Powered Electric Vehicles (BPEVs), and Hybrid

Electric Vehicles (HEVs) Markets for Years 2005, 2010 & 2015 206

16. CANADA 207

A.Market Analysis 207

New Laws to Extend Market for Electric Pick-Up Trucks 207

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Major Concern 207

Influence of Power Generation on EVs 208

Impact of Cold Weather on EV Performance 208

B.Market Analytics 208

Table 20: Canadian Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis

for Electric Vehicles by Product Type – Battery Powered

Electric Vehicles (BPEVs), and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

(HEVs) Markets Independently Analyzed by Annual Sales in

Units for Years 2007 through 2015 (includes corresponding

Graph/Chart) 208

Table 21: Canadian Historic Review for Electric Vehicles by

Product Type – Battery Powered Electric Vehicles (BPEVs),

and Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) Markets Independently

Analyzed by Annual Sales in Units for Years 2000 through

2006 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) 209

Table 22: Canadian 10-Year Perspective for Electric Vehicles

by Product Type – Percentage Breakdown of Unit Sales for

Battery Powered Electric Vehicles (BPEVs), and Hybrid

Electric Vehicles (HEVs) Markets for Years 2005, 2010 & 2015

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