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Travelling across Canada in an e-car

An old 1972 VW Beetle is expected to be the first electric-powered car to cross Canada from one end to the other when it arrives in Halifax on Friday.

The car, bought from an online classified site, was transformed by a group of engineering students from the University of British Columbia (UBC), who are now on a national tour with their creation.

Ricky Gu, one of the students and the driver of the revamped Bug named E-Beetle, was in Toronto on Tuesday. He and Colin Mastin, a electrical technician, left Vancouver on the Aug. 21. The pair plan to finish their 6,400-kilometres trek to the Atlantic coast on Friday, a 14-day trip.

β€œIt’s been great so far. This car has been performing phenomenally, even beyond our expectations,” said Gu, 21.

The E-Beetle can reach a top speed of 140 km/h. It can travel for 300 kilometres at 100 km/h with one charge before the lithium battery needs to be recharged.


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