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USA: Coulomb Adds Home Electric Car Charger

CT500 Level II Charging Stations Designed for Residential and Light Commercial Use Bring Coulomb’s Advanced ChargePoint Network Application Services to the Home
Campbell, CA July 26, 2010 – Coulomb Technologies today announced the availability of its residential charging stations for electric vehicles. Coulomb’s new CT500 Level II ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations are designed for home and light commercial use. The announcement expands Coulomb’s spectrum of products for EVs from home to Level III fast charging stations. CT500 charging stations will be sold through Coulomb’s OEM and distribution channels. The ChargePoint Network is based on an open interface, standards-based architecture that provides station owners with a complete set of business applications to market and bill for electric transportation fueling services, and provides drivers with EV charging applications to make fueling easy. The CT500 stations will be on display at the Plug-In 2010 Conference and Exposition in San Jose, California on July 26-29, 2010 in Coulomb booth #110.

“Coulomb has the most comprehensive and established product line and application services offering in the industry,” said Richard Lowenthal, CEO Coulomb Technologies. “The addition of our residential charging stations coincides with the introduction of electric vehicles to the mass market. Our charging stations are available to order today and will bring all of the features and benefits people expect from the ChargePoint Network.”

The CT500 charging station is a 7.2 kw single output station designed for residential and light commercial applications. The station delivers Level II (208/240 V @ 30 A) charging and is compatible with plug-in electric vehicles that comply with the SAE J1772™ plug-in electric vehicle-charging standard. The station’s small size and flexible network interfaces make it an ideal solution for utilities, homeowners, fleet managers, and auto manufacturers. The CT500 is compatible with Leviton’s recently announced innovative Evr-Green™ EVSE installation system. This industry-first prewire mounting system provides for simple plug-in installation for new charging stations.


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