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USA: Electric-car recharging stations coming to Greenville

Next Page1| 2| 3Previous PageWhen consumers have plug-in electric cars, Greenville and six other South Carolina cities will be ready for them.

Plug-in Carolina, founded in 2006 by Jim Poch with the support of several utilities, aims to educate the public about the environmental, economic and national security benefits of plug-in electric vehicles and encourage their adoption.
Looking 20 years down the road, Poch sees a variety of fuels in use — gasoline, electric, biodiesel, propane or natural gas for heavy-duty trucks and perhaps even hydrogen.
But “plug-in can be deployed right now,” he said. “Hydrogen in the transportation system will take 15 to 20 years, and that would take a few miracles to accomplish.”
Plug-in Carolina plans to have between 60 to 100 plug-in stations installed in Spartanburg, Union, Charleston, Columbia, the Myrtle Beach area and Rock Hill in addition to Greenville. The stations could be in public places, such as public garages and parks as well as private locations like hotels and shopping centers.
Although not final, locations for the charging stations in Greenville are likely to be in municipal garages and the public parking area at the Greenville Zoo, said Brian Graham, the city’s greenway and sustainability manager.
“Greenville is interested because it shows our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness,” he said, adding the city is now studying the carbon footprint of both city operations and the community to determine a baseline for future reference.
“We’re not out to save the world, but we’re out to do our part,” Graham said.
AeroVironment, a publicly traded California company with about 20 years experience in the electric car industry, has been selected from among 11 bidders to install the stations. The company also has been selected to partner with Nissan on its launch of the Nissan Leaf electric car, which will deal primarily with in-home recharging stations — some of which will be able to recharge the car in 26 minutes, said Kristen Helsel, AeroVironment vice president of EV solutions.


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