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Japan/USA: AMLM to change future with lithium

It appears that some of the United States’ natural resources may be tapped soon, thanks to American Lithium Materials, Inc. (OTC.BB:AMLM), a U.S. based mineral exploration company that focuses on the development of lithium and boron resources in southwest Nevada.

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AMLM recent joint venture with Japanese Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), which is in charge of securing a stable supply of oil and natural gas and controlling mining in Japan. The joint venture was announced on June 10, 2010, at which time it was disclosed that JOGMEC will be investing $4,000,000 into American Lithium’s Borate Hills Project, a lithium and boron deposit located in Nevada.

Lithium-ion batteries are already widely in use in a variety of portable electronic devices including over 60% of mobile phones and 90% of laptop computers. However, the most significant grown in the demand for Lithium Ion batteries will be linked to the next generation of hybrid/electric vehicles. Lithium batteries are already in proto types destined for the automotive market.

Everyone in the industrial world loves their gadgets. Gadgets provide instant gratification from the point of purchase onwards.

But brewing out there are gadgets that could become the next big thing that will help pull the US, and the world, out of its rut: for example pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. And they are already in the works, recharge stations capable of charging the batteries of 35 cars at a time are now under construction in China, Purchased like electronic gadgets, cars and trucks provide the same kind of instant gratification. But unlike personal electronics clean and highly efficient cars and trucks can help tackle the highlights of the past 7 1/2 years: high energy prices, a war for oil, awareness of global warming, and stimulation for a struggling world economy.

Like most portable electronic gadgets these vehicular gadgets will have a lithium battery under the hood. As the lightest solid element, and by the luck of nature able to be used for battery making, lithium is the only game in town in which to make light, powerful energy storage devices needed for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.


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