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USA: New Li-Air Battery Breakthrough

The search for the more efficient and more electrical energy stored batteries are continues to be developed. The lightweight rechargeable lithium-air or lithium-oxygen batteries are also being developed by the scientists with reason of its ability to store electrical energy three times higher than current conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-air battery concept actually has long been found by the researchers, but the development is hampered by the search for electrode materials that can cause an electrochemical reactions. The MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) researchers have now come up with solutions for gold and platinum electrodes as a catalyst that have higher level of activity and efficiency than conventional carbon electrodes. This new discovery will also pave the way to find the type of electrode material that is cheaper and more efficient.

The lithium-air battery by MIT consists of inlet and outlet sides which serves as the air or oxygen flow path for the battery operation. Lithium-air battery actually has the same working principles with lithium-ion batteries, but lithium-air batteries electrochemically couple a lithium anode to atmospheric oxygen through a carbon-based air cathode instead of the heavy conventional compounds found in lithium-ion batteries. It makes lithium-air battery has three times higher energy density because of the lighter cathode. In addition, oxygen is easy and freely to get and doesn’t need to be stored in the battery.



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